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We have over 160 out-of-print books for our armchair sailors and antiques collectors. Whether you're looking for a reference book or a great read, if we don't have it, we'll try to get it for you.

HOW TO ORDER  All items are sold on a first-response basis. For best results, order by telephone or e-mail. Please order by catalog number. Your call will be returned to confirm your order. Make checks payable to Marine Antiques. (Sorry, we are unable to take credit card orders at this time.)
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Maritime Books

MB1. Across the Western Ocean: American Ships by Liverpool Artists. Salem: 1995. 77pp, 39 color plates w/commentary. 1st. Ed. Fine. Catalog of the important 1995 exhibition. $35.00

MB2. Adney, Edwin T. & Chapelle, Howard. The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America. Washington: 1964. 241pp., 224 illus. Very good. The standard reference. $45.00

MB3. Albion, Robert etc. New England & The Sea. Vol. V of The American Marine Series. Mystic: 1972. 1st. Ed., Ltd. to 500 copies w/slipcase. 299pp., profusely illus. Essays by the leading authorities. Near fine. $40.00

MB4. Albion, Robert G. The Rise of the Port of New York. N.Y.: 1970. 481pp., illus., reprint of the standard 1939 ed. Minor dampstaining to the back cover, end pages and last few pages of the index. Sold

MB5. Albion, Robert. Square Riggers On Schedule The New York Sailing Packets to England, France, and the Cotten Ports. n.p.: 1965. A reprint of the 1938 ed., 371pp., 15 illus. Near fine. Sold

MB6. Allen, Everett S. Children of the Light The Rise and Fall of New Bedford Whaling and the Death of the Arctic Fleet. Boston: 1973. 301pp., illus. 1st. ed. Near fine w/ d.j. $30.00

MB7. Allen, Jim & Corris, Peter, ed. The Journal of John Sweatman. A 19th Century Surveying Voyage in North Australia & Torres Strait. Queensland, Australia, 1977. 208pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. $25.00

MB8. Anderson, Ernest B. Sailing Ships of Ireland. ...Being a Record of Irish Sailing Ships of the 19th Century. Dublin: 1951. 1st. Ed. 300pp., illus. A very good ex-library copy w/slightly tattered d.j. I've not had this before. It covers Irish shipbuilding and ship owners in some detail with a good listing of their vessels and their fate. Scarce. $100.00

MB9. Ashley, Clifford W. Whaleships of New Bedford. Boston: 1929. Sixty full page plates, ed. Limited to 1000. Near fine. $175.00

MB10. Baker, William A. Colonial Vessels Some 17th Century Ship Designs. Barre, Ma.: 1962. 1st. ed., 164pp., 33 drawings by Baker, 3 folded plates, light foxing to the edges, good w/d.j. Shallops, pinnaces, barks and ketches. Sold

MB11. Baker, W.A. Sloops & Shallops. Barre, Ma.: 1966. 1st ed., 174pp., 50 illus. by Baker. Near fine in d.j. "...The development of shallops along the Atlantic seaboard and Chesapeake from open work boats...To fully decked vessels..." Sold

MB12. Barnes, James. Yankee Ships and Yankee Sailors. Tales of 1812. N.Y.: 1898. 281pp., 13 illus. by R.F. Zogbaum, embossed blue cloth cover. Chipped spine, otherwise near fine. The front end page has the signature of Frederick Herreshoff. Sold

MB13. Beck, Horace P. The Folklore of Maine. Philadelphia, 1957. 1st. ed., 284pp., toned endpapers, slightly tattered d.j. Interior very good. "...a selection of tales, beliefs, superstitions, songs and customs of English speaking stock in Maine." Sold

MB14. Beiser, Arthur. The Proper Yacht. Camden: 1978. 2nd. ed., 364pp., profusely illus. Near fine w/d.j. This book has scattered pen notations in a shakey hand that mar the front and back end pages, as well as some interior pages (page numbers and yacht names). This renders this a good working copy. There are 58 designs of over 30 footers that are not in the first edition. $25.00

MB15. Benford, Jay. Cruising Yachts. Friday Harbor, Wa. 1983. 200pp., profusely illus. With plans, line drawings and photos. Near fine w/d.j. $35.00

MB16. Bennett, Geoffrey. Nelson the Commander. N.Y.: 1972. 322pp., 21 illus. Fine w/d.j. $25.00

MB17. Bouquet, Michael R. No Gallant Ship .Studies in Maritime and Local History. London: 1959. 196pp., 31 illus., darkeden spine, minor cover wear, excellent interior. "...A century ago the greater part of the world's commerce was carried by very small ships ... of 500 tons and under..they belonged to ... rural ports and havens ... financed by local capitalists, built by local craftsmen and commanded and manned by local mariners." $15.00

MB18. Bowen, Frank C. Wooden Walls in Action. London : 1951. 144pp., illus. Major sea battles from Sluys and Lepanto through the American Civil War illustrated with pictures from the British National Maritime Museum. A good copy. $25.00

MB19. Brewington, Dorothy, E.R. Dictionary of Marine Artists. Mystic: 1982. 431pp., w/d.j. Near fine. A good tool, with some monograms. Pretty much the best portable reference. $37.50 130. Brewington, Dorothy E.R. Marine Paintings and Drawings in Mystic Seaport Museum. Mystic: 1982. 219pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. 635 entries 1000 paintings from the collection. $35.00

MB20. Brewington, Dorothy and Marion. Marine Paintings and Drawings at the Peabody Museum. Salem: 1981. 530pp., 1500 illus. Fine w/d.j. 2,000 entries, 500+ artists, edition limited to 1,600 copies. An essential reference. $125.00

MB21. Brewington, Marion V. And Dorothy. Marine Paintings and Drawings in the Peabody Museum. Salem: 1968. 1st ed. Edition limited to 3,000 copies. 530pp., 1500+ illus (60 color). A good reading copy w/ a worn d.j. "...every marine picture received by the museum ...1799 to January 1966." This book, along with its updates are cornerstones to any serious marine art library. The 1968 edition is becoming increasingly scarce. Sold

MB22. Briggs, L. Vernon. History of Shipbuilding on the North River, Plymouth County, Mass., with Genealogies of the Shipbuilders, and Accounts of the Industries Upon Its Tributaries 1640-1872. N.Y.: 1970. 421pp., illus. v.g. The reprint of the classic 1889 ed. Sold

MB23. Carter, Samuel III. The Boatbuilders of Bristol. The Story of the Amazing Herreshoff family of Rhode Island--Inventors, Individuals, Yacht designers, and America's Cup Defenders. N.Y.: 1970. 215pp., illus., one folded plan. Very good condition w/d.j. "The penciled remarks in this book were copied from a copy in the possession of Mr. L. Francis Herreshoff." The annotation was done by Russell Clark. Herreshoff's somewhat acidic comments are revealing. Regarding a couple of paragraphs on pp. 95 about Nat's relations with the press, L. Francis commented: "Every word is a lie and evidently written by a lunatic." An unusual document. $125.00.

MB24. The Boatbuilders of Bristol. A regular copy in good cond. w/d.j. Sold

MB25. Cary, William S. Wrecked on the FeeJees. Fairfield, Wa.: 1993. 105pp., illus. Fine condition. A reprint of the 1887 Nantucket Journal account of the sole survivor of the whaleship Oeno, which was wrecked on Turtle Island in the Pacific in 1825. All but Cary were killed and cannibalized by the islanders. $40.00

MB26. Chapman, Charles F., ed., Boat Maintenance Afloat and Ashore. N.Y.: 1952. Three vols., each 280pp., illus. These are Vols. 28-30 in The Motor Boating Ideal Series. Good condition. $45.00

MB27. Chapelle, Howard. Boatbuilding. A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction. N.Y.: 1969. 624pp., 186 illus., 58 plans or plates. Fine with d.j. A later edition of the 1941 classic. $35.00

MB28. Chatterton, E. Keble. Battle By Sea. London: 1925. 1st. ed., 271pp., illus. Very good condition. "...the connecting principles of sea-fighting through the Galley Age ... and the period of Steamships... how tactics were modified ... or remained but little altered." Salamis to the Falklands. $30.00

MB29. Chatterton, E. Keble. The Brotherhood of the Sea. London: 1927. 1st. ed., 239pp., illus. Sunned spine, faded cover. "...ocean comradship ... from generation to generation in the height of gravest peril." $25.00

MB30. Chatterton, E. Keble. Fore & aft Craft. An Account Of The Fore & Aft Rig From the Earliest Times To The Present Day. London: 1927. 347pp., 150 illus. Fine w/taped d.j. $40.00

MB31. Chatterton, E. Keble. Seamen All. Boston: 1924. 254pp., illus., minor cover wear, interior foxing, a couple of loose pages. A reading copy. $20.00

MB32. Chatterton, E. Keble. Ships & Ways of Other Days. London: 1924, 308pp., 130 illus., weak front hinge, faded spine, very good interior. Seafaring from the Egyptians and Romans through the 19th century. $25.00

MB33. Conrad, Joseph. The Mirror of the Sea. N.Y.: 1906. 329pp. Conrad's great selection of short reflections. Stained spine and back cover. Weakening hinges, very good interior. A reading copy. $35.00

MB34. Couling, David. Steam Yachts. Annapolis: 1980. 1st. ed., 120pp., 120 photos with commentary. Fine w/d.j. This book chronicles the work of British marine photographer, William Kirk, of Cowes. Kirk was active from 1880-1914. A photo essay with statistics and commentary about mostly English vessels. Sold

MB35. Course, Capt. A.G. The Wheel's Kick and the Wind's Song. The Story of the John Stewart Line of Sailing Ships 1877-1928. N.Y.: 1968. 266pp., illus. Fine w/slight wear to the d.j. Scarce. $75.00

MB36. Cozzens, Fred. Yachts and Yachting. N.Y.: 1888. Revised ed., 200pp., 135+ illus, embossed cloth cover. There are chapters on American Yacht history, the '86 Cup races, steam yachting and British yachting by Coffin, Clay, Jaffray, and Bowyer Vaux. The Cozzens yacht drawings are the pinnacle of this medium. Many of the drawings were sketches for his series of yachting prints. Chipped spine, and corners, weakening front hinge, very good interior. Sold

MB37. Craig, Robert. ed. Maritime History. The Journal of Maritime History. Devon: U.K. 2 vols. 1972. Vol. I, 254pp., illus. Vol. II, 243pp., illus. Both fine w/near fine d.j. "...a journal devoted to the history of merchant shipping ... presents in bound form the first two numbers ... Vol.1 ranges from the earliest forms of ship registry ... to maritime art..."Articles include Basil Greenhill on Reuben Chapell's paintings, British steamship company histories, along with book reviews. $50.00

MB38. Culler, R. D. Skiffs and Schooners. Camden, Me.: 1976., 2nd printing, 197pp., profusely illus with plans and photos. Near fine w/d.j. One of the more sought out wooden boat building books. $50.00

MB39. Cutler, Carl C. Greyhounds of the Sea The Story of the American Clipper Ship. N.Y.: 1930. 592pp., 117 illus. An above average copy, minor cover wear, some toning to the edges, the balance very good with a tattered d.j. Still an essential reference. Sold

MB40. Cutler, Carl C. Queens of The Western Ocean. The Story of America's Mail and Passenger Sailing Lines. Annapolis: 1961. 1st. ed., 672pp., 69 illus. 10 plans. Near fine w/d.j. Sold

MB41. Dann, John C. ed., The Nagle Journal. A Diary of the Life of Jacob Nagle, Sailor, From the Year 1775 - 1841. N.Y.: 1988. 1st ed., 402pp.illus., 20 color plates. Nagel "... Joined the American Revolutionary War army at age 15 at the Battle of Brandywine: turned to the navy two years later; and went on to a 45 year career... on privateers and merchant ships ... He met ... George Washington, ... Horatio Nelson.." Fine w/d.j. Sold

MB42. Desmond, Charles. Wooden Shipbuilding. N.Y.: 1919. 1st ed. 224pp., profusely illus. Minor wear to corners. Interior near fine. Perhaps the last great shipbuilding compendium from the era. Essential reference. $125.00

MB43. Dodge, Ernest S. Northwest By Sea. N.Y.: 1961. 348pp., 3 maps. Fine in near fine d.j. The search for the Northwest Passage . $15.00

MB44. Dugan, James. The Great Mutiny. N.Y.: 1965. 511 pp. Illus. Very good w/slightly worn d.j. "At the height of the crises (1797), the British fleet mutinies in protest against poor pay, impossible living conditions ... brutality and impressment, leaving England completely vunerable..." $15.00

MB45. Duhamel, Jean. The Fifty Days. Napolean in England. London: 1969. 1st ed. 141Pp., illus. Fine w/ d.j. "...from 18 June to 8 August, 1815 ... (Napolean) spent fifteen days in British territorial waters, twelve of them only a few hundred yards from the shore in Plymouth... The fate of the Emperor was in the balance..." $15.00

MB46. Ellis, Richard. Men and Whales. N.Y.: 1991. 2nd printing. 542pp., 300 illus. Fine w/d.j. A well done, comprehensive world whaling survey. $30.00

MB47. Ellms, Charles. Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea or Historical Narratives of the Most Noted Calamaties, and Providential Deliverances From Fire, and Famine on the Ocean. Philadelphia: 1848. 428pp., illus., embossed spine. Good covers and binding. The interior has the expected widespread foxing. First published in 1836, this book found it way to ship board libraries. Evidently it was a sailors' favorite, as its illustrations often appear on scrimshaw of the period. As good a copy as you are likely to find. Sold

MB48. Fay, Charles E. Mary Celeste. The Odyssey of an Abandoned Ship. Salem: 1942. 81pp., illus., minor marks on the front cover, fine interior. The Mary Celeste "...a small seaworthy, American half brig found wandering, ghostlike, without master or crew, over the waters between the Azores and the coast of Portugal..." $25.00

MB49. Fletcher, R.A. In the Days of the Tall Ships. London: 1928. 1st. ed. 348pp., illus. Light scattered foxing to the end and title pages and edges, the balance good. 19th century sailing vessels. $40.00

MB50. Forster, Honore. The South Sea Whaler. "An Annotated Bibliography of ...material related to whaling in the Pacific..." Sharon, Mass.: 1985. 1st ed., 157pp. Fine. An essential reference. $30.00

MB51. Fowles, John. Shipwreck Photographs by the Gibsons of Scilly. Boston: 1975. 1st. Amer. ed., n.p. Profusely illus. w/commentary. Very good, tattered d.j. $25

MB52. Frank, Stuart M. Dictionary of Scrimshaw Artists. Mystic, Ct.: 1991. 198pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. The standard reference. $55.00

MB53. Gaunt, William. Marine Painting. London: 1975. 1st. ed., 264pp., 43 color and 200 B&W illus. Fine w/d.j. A good survey with biographies of major artists. $40.00

MB54. Gibbs, Jim. Disaster Log of Ships. A Pictorial Account of Shipwrecks, California to Alaska. N.Y.: N.Y. 176pp., profusely illus. Fine w/d.j. A reprint of the standard 1971 edition. Hundreds of identified wreck photos with commentary. $30.00

MB55. Gibbs, James A. Jr. Pacific Graveyard. A Narrative of the Ships Lost Where the Columbia River Meets the Pacific Ocean. Portland, Ore.: 1950. 1st ed. 192pp., illus. Near fine w/good d.j. A scarce work with some unfortunate red pen check marks and annotations that render this a reading copy. $30.00

MB56. Gibbs, James A, Jr. Shipwrecks of the Pacific Coast. Portland, Ore.: 1957 1st. ed. 312pp., illus. Near fine w/repaired d.j. "The first detailed account in one book of all major marine disasters off the west coast of the United States..." $50.00

MB57. Gibbs, Jim. West Coast Windjammers In Story and Pictures. N.Y., n.d. 193pp., profusely illus. A reprint of the classic 1968 ed. Hundreds of photos with commentary. Fine w/d.j. $30.00

MB58. Goodrich, Lloyd. Winslow Homer. N.Y.: 1973. 143pp., profusely illus. Fine w/d.j. Published to accompany the 1973 Homer retrospective at the Whitney Museum, this book has a biography, as well as, commentary. One of the better references. Sold

MB59. Grant, Gordon. Sail Ho! Windjammer Sketches Alow and Aloft. N.Y.: n.y (ca. 1930), 126pp., profusely illus., sail cloth cover. Near fine. Sixty-four Grant illustrations with commentary. $45.00

MB60. Greenhill, Basil and Giffard, Ann. The Merchant Sailing Ship A Photograpic History. With 127 photographs from the British National Maritime Museum depicting British and North American Sailing Vessels... N.Y.: 1970. 112pp., very good condition w/d.j. $25.00

MB61. Greenhill, Basil and Giffard, Ann. Westcountrymen in Prince Edward's Isle. Toronto: 1967. 248pp., 36 illus., 3 maps. Ex-library copy front inside board, endpage, title and copyright pages w/library markings, otherwise near fine w/slightly chipped d.j. "...a study of the ventures of Devon merchants in the colony ... explains how a major industry building ships for sale in Britain grew up in the Island, largely inspired from the west of England.... And shows how one ... James Yeo, once a Cornish labourer, came to dominate the colony." $25.00

MB62. Griffiths, Maurice. Little Ships & Shoal Waters. Designing, Building and Sailing Shoal draught Cruising Yacht... London: 1985. 189pp., profusely illus., fine w/d.j. The reprint of the 1937 classic. $35.00

MB63. Guthorn, Peter. The Sea Bright Skiff and Other Shore Boats. Exton, Pa.: 1982. 256pp., illus. Revised ed. of the 1971 classic. Wraps. Very good. Sold

MB64. Hackney, Noel C.L. HMS Victory Classic Ships Their History and How to Model Them, #1. London: 1970. 1st.ed., 96pp., 16plates, 30 diagrams. Near fine. $15.00

MB65. Haley, Nelson Cole. Whale Hunt. The Narrative of a Voyage by Nelson Cole Haley Harpooner in the Ship Charles W. Morgan 1849-1853. N.Y.: 1948. 304pp., illus., very good w/tattered d.j. $35.00

MB66. Henderson, James. Sloops and Brigs: An account of the smallest vessles of the Royal Navy during the great wars 1793-1815. Annapolis: 1972. 1st American ed., 190pp., 9 plates. Near fine w/d.j. $25.00

MB67. Hervey, Frederick. The Naval History of Great Britain From the Earliest Times to the Rising of the Parliament in 1779. Describing the Origin and Progress of the British Power at Sea; the Extension of its Commerce;... and the Establishment ... of its Colonies. London: 1779. 1st ed., 5 vols., all rebound in quarter Morocco and green cloth with embossed spines. 8 folded maps, 25 views, 21 ports, illustrated with copper plate engravings. Vol. I: 489pp.; Vol II: 471pp.; Vol. III: 487pp.; Vol. IV: 480pp.; Vol. V: 586pp. plus index. The second 1793 edition revealed that the actual author was John Payne. A clean, tight and bright set. Sold

MB68. Herreshoff, L. Francis. An Introduction to Yachting. Origins, History, Traditions and a Detailed Record of Great Yachts, Yacht Races, Yachtsmen and Designers... N.Y.: 1963. 189pp., 145 illus. Good w/d.j. $55.00.

MB69. Herreshoff, L. Francis. Sensible Cruising Designs. Camden, Me.: 1974 3rd. Printing, 394pp., illus., near fine w/chipped d.j. L. Francis' last book. $40.00

The following five books belonged to L. Francis Herreshoff:

MB70. Bauer, Dr. G. and Lasche, O. Marine Steam Turbines. London: 1911. 214pp., 103 illus., 18 tables, 1 folded chart in pocket. Cover wear, edges foxed interior good. Printed in block letters on the inside front cover: L F. Herreshoff Bristol, R I. $150.00

MB71. Curtin, Lt. Cmndr. Roland and Johnson, Lt. Cmndr. Thomas L. Naval Ordnance: A Text Book Prepared for the Use of the Midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis: 1915. 383pp., profusely illus., numerous folded plates. Cover wear, chipped spines, light dampstaining to the edges that does not extend to the text. Printed in block letters on the upper inside front cover: L F Herreshoff 1917. $200.00

MB72. LaCroix Adrien and Ragot, Charles L. A Graphic Table Combining Logarithms and Anti Logarithms. N.Y.: 1925. 60pp. Toned inside covers and endpages, good interior. Printed in ruled lines in block letters: L F Herreshoff. Sold

MB73. Lyon, Lt. Cmndr. Frank. and Hinds, Lt. Cmndr. A.W. Marine and Naval Boilers. Annapolis: 1915. 402pp., 112 illus., 7 folded plates chipped top spine, minor cover wear, very good interior. Written in script in the upper right corner on the inside cover: L. Francis Herreshoff, Bristol, R.I. $250.00

MB74. Robinson, R.H.M. Naval Construction Prepared for the Use of the Midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis: 1917. 403pp., 191 illus., 5 folded plates. Light foxing to the cover and edges, good condition. Printed in the upper right inside front cover: L F Herreshoff, Bristol, R.I. $250.00

MB76. Horwood, Andrew. Newfoundland Ships and Men. Schooner, Square Rigger, Captains and Crews. St. John's : 1971. 168pp. illus. Fine w/d.j. Sold

MB77. Howarth, David. Trafalgar. The Nelson Touch. N.Y.: 1969. 1st. American ed., 254pp., 76 b&w illus., 13pp. Color illus., 6 maps. Fine w/d.j. $25.00

MB78. Howse, Derek, and Sanderson, Michael. The Sea Chart. An Historical Survey based on the Collections in the National Maritime Museum. N.Y.: 1973. 144pp., illus. Fine w/d.j Sixty charts from the Greenwich collection with commentary, including the Americas. $40.00

MB79. Ingalls, Elizabeth. Whaling Prints in the Francis B. Lothrop Collection. Salem: 1987. 341pp., 602 illus., fine w/d.j. Ed. Ltd to 1000. Whaling prints, including non-American, natural history prints, maps and caricatures . A standard reference. $85.00

MB80. Jackson, Melvin H. Privateers in Charleston 1793-1796. An Account of a French Palatinate in South Carolina. Washington: 1969. 160pp., illus. Very good. Sold

MB81. James, William. The Naval History of Great Britain. Fromthe Declaration of War by France in 1793 to the Accession of George IV, New Edition, with Additions and Notes, and an Account of the Burmese War and the Battle of Navarino by Capt. Chamier. London: 1837. 6 vols. Illus w/copper plate engravings of notable naval figures, some maps, each vol. contains a yearly abstract list of Royal Navy vessels. Original toned green or blue cloth boards with expected wear, embossed spines, tight bindings and very good interiors. Vol. I: 404pp.; Vol. II: 396pp.; Vol. III: 376pp.; Vol. IV: 376pp.; Vol. V: 404pp.; Vol. VI: 568pp. Long considered among the best Royal Navy histories. $550.00

MB82. Johnson, H. & Lightfoot, F.S. Maritime History of New York in 19th Century Photographs. N.Y.: 1980. 160pp., 210 photos with commentary. Softbound, fine condition. A standard reference. Sold

MB83. Klamkin, Marian. Marine Antiques. N.Y.: 1975. 241pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. An excellent reference. $50.00

MB84. Knox-Johnston, Robin. History of Yachting. Oxford: 1990. 1st ed.,168pp., 120 illus. Fine w/d.j. Sold

MB85. Larn, Richard and Carter, Clive. Cornish Shipwrecks. The South Coast, The North Coast & The Isles of Scilly. 3 vols. N.Y.: 1969, 1970, 1971. All 1st. American ed. All near fine w/d.j. All illus w/photos and maps. Vol. I: 264pp., Vol. II: 236pp. Vol III: 238pp. Together a 500-year compendium of hundreds of listed lost ships. "More ships have foundered off the coast of Cornwall and more wrecks remain ... than in almost any comparable stretch of coastline in the world." $150.00

MB86. Levien, Michael. The Cree Journals. The Voyages of Edward H. Cree, Surgeon R. N. As Related in His private Journals, 1837-1856. Exeter, U.K.: 1981. 276pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. Cree served during the First Opium War through the Crimea. $20.00

MB87. Lewis, Michael. The Navy of Britain. London: 1949. 2nd. Impression. 660pp., illus. Very good w/tattered d.j. A good, detailed history. $25.00

MB88. List of Merchant Vessels of the U.S. 1892. Washington: 1892. 449pp. A presentation copy, "Complements of Chas. W. Wallace Collector of Customs," 40 plates of vessels, (one torn, some chipped) 4pp. at table of contents loose, minor wear to hinges, tight binding, bright cover with expected wear. One of only two years with extensive illustration. Sold

MB89. List of Merchant Vessels of the U. S. 1900. Washington: 1900. 423pp., minor cover wear, very good condition. Sold

MB90. Long, David F. Nothing Too Daring. A Biography of Commodore David Porter 1783-1843. Annapolis: 1970. 396pp., illus. Near fine w/good d.j. Scarce, the best Porter biography. $35.00

MB91. Longridge, C. Nepean. The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships. London: 1961. A reprint of the 1955 ed. 283pp., 183 illus., 76 plates. Minor cover wear, slightly chipped d.j. with inoffensive taped repairs to the top and bottom. The interior is near fine. A presentation copy to Ray deLucia from George Campbell, who designed and executed the folding plans and drawings. The standard reference. $55.00

MB92. Lubbock, Basil. The China Clippers. Glasgow: 1929. 7th ed., 388pp., plus 36pp appendix, 34 illus., w/plans. Very good w/tattered d.j. A standard reference for the tea and opium clippers. Sold

MB93. Lubbock, Basil. The Nitrate Clippers. Glasgow: 1976. Reprint of the 1932 ed. 159pp., illus. " account of the trade to the West Coast of South America." Fine, dust jacket chipped at the top of the spine. Sold

MB94. Lubbock, Basil. The Opium Clippers. Glasgow: 1946. Reprint of the 1933 ed. 392pp., 61 illus., 7 plans. Near fine w/chipped dust jacket. Scarce. $75.00

MB95. MacGregor, David R. Clipper Ships. Watford, UK: 1979. 154pp., profusely illus. Fine w/d.j. British and American clippers. Sold

MB96. MacGregor, David R. Square Rigged Sailing Ships. Watford, U.K.: 1980, 2nd impression. 144pp., profusely illus. Wrinked dust jacket, minor foxing to the edges, exposure to dampness to cover and end pages, balance very good. "This comprehensive but copmact history ... sets out to explain to the layman the characteristics and development of the various types..." Sold

MB97. MacMullen, Jerry. Star of India. The Log of an Iron Ship. Berkeley, Ca.: 1961. 1st. ed. 133pp., illus. Fine w/slightly chipped d.j. Built in 1863 and alive in San Diego. $30.00

MB98. MacMullen, Jerry. They Came By Sea. A Pictorial History of San Diego Bay. San Diego: 1969. Wraps. 152pp, profusely illus. $18.00

MB99. McFee, William. The Life of Sir Martin Frobisher. N.Y.: 1928. 1st ed., 276pp., ex-lib copy with library plate in front, card pocket in back and marked spine. $12.00

MB100. McKay, Lauchlan. The Practical Ship-Builder. London: 1974. 107pp., illus., seven folded plates, good w/chipped d.j. A reprint of the 1940 Richard McKay edition of the classic 1839 edition. Sold

MB101. McKay, Richard C. South Street A Maritime History of New York. N.Y.: 1969. 460pp., illus. The revised version of the 1934 original. A standard reference by Donald McKay's grandson. Slightly sunned covers, interior very good. $35.00

MB102. McManus, Michael. A Treasury of American Scrimshaw. A Collection of the Useful and Decorative. N.Y.: 1997. 1st printing. 150pp., 200 illus., fine w/d.j. Excellent examples from the collections of the Kendall, Mystic, Peabody, and New Bedford Whaling Museums. $30.00

MB103. Mahan, Capt. Alfred T. The Life of Nelson. The Embodiment of the Sea Power of Great Britain. London: 1897. 1st. ed., 2 vols., bound in blue cloth with embossed boards and spines. Vol. I: 454pp., 10 illus, 10 maps or plans. Vol.II: 427pp., 9 illus., 10 maps or plans. Slightly sunned spines, bright boards, fine interior. An excellent set of a classic Nelson biography. $150.00

MB104. Martin, Tyrone G. A Most Fortunate Ship. A Narrative History of Old Ironsides. Chester, Ct.: 1980. 1st printing. 388pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. A history by the former captain (1974-1978) through the 1976 Bicentennial. $40.00

MB105, Marryat, Capt. R.N. The Naval Annual or Stories of the Sea for 1836 Containing The Pirate, and the Three Cutters. London: 1836. 315pp., 19 engravings, worn cover, weak front hinge, 1st endpages detached, but present, some plates foxed. A good reading copy. $45.00

MB106. Masefield, John. Sea Life in Nelson's Time. Annapolis: 1971. 3rd. ed., 107pp., 38 illus. A reprint of the 1905 ed. Fine w/d.j. $20.00

MB107. Miller, J. Martin. The Martinique Horror and St. Vincent Calamity Containing a Full and Complete Account of the Most Appalling Disaster of Modern Times. Boston: 1902. 560pp., illus., minor cover wear. The 1902 volcanic erruption of Mt. Pelee. Sold

MB108. Mitchell, C. Bradford. Touching the Adventures & Perils... A Semicentennial History. N.Y.: 1970. The American Hull Insurance Syndicate. (Leviathan, Morro Castle, Andria Doria). Fine w/d.j. $25.00

MB109. Mitchell, Richard M. The Steam Launch. Camden, Me.: 1986. 342pp., 200pp. of illus., fine w/good d.j. "...a complete history of the steam launch from 1860 to 1980." Sold

MB110. Moorehouse, E. Hallam. Ed., Letters of the English Seamen 1587-1808. London: 1910. 318pp.,16 illus. Ex-library copy w/marked on the title pp, and boards, chipped and loose spine, worn cover, weak hinges, tight binding. Letters from such notables as Nelson, Drake, Anson, Keppel, and Hood. A reading copy of a scarce work. Sold

MB111. Muncaster, Claude. Rolling Round The Horn. London: 1935. 239pp., illus. A very good Neptune Library edition w/cloth cover and a worn d.j. "Mr. Muncaster signed on as a deck hand, from Australia to England, in the (four (4-masted bark) Olivebank ... round the Horn from Melbourne to Cardiff." $20.00

MB112. Newby, Eric. The Last Grain Race. London: 1956. 1st ed., 242pp., illus., folded map. An account of a 1938 voyage from South Australia to Europe on the four masted, steel hulled bark Moshulu. Very minor wear to the upper rear spine, balance fine. $15.00

MB113. Newby, Eric. Windjammer. Pictures of Life Before the Mast in the Last Grain Race. N.Y.: 1968. 176pp., profusely illus. Near fine w/toned and worn d.j. A photo essay of Newby's 1938 voyage on the Finnish four-masted, steel barque, Moshulu. A glimpse of life aboard. $15.00

MB114. Newell, Gordon & Williamson, Joe. Pacific Lumber Ships. N.Y.:N.Y, 192pp., profusely illus. Near fine w/slightly tattered d.j. A reprint of the classic 1960 edition. Hundreds of photos with commentary. $35.00

MB115. Newell, Gordon. Sea Rogues Gallery. Seattle: 1971. 1st. Ed., 143pp., illus. , Near fine. Pirates, crimps, highjackers and rumrunners of the Pacific Northwest. $35.00

MB116. Olmsted, Gideon. The Journal of Gideon Olmsted. Adventures of a Sea Captain during the American Revolution. Washington: 1978. 129pp., fine w/slipcase. A facsimile with printed text of "...a swashbuckling privateersman..." who engaged in a 30 year legal battle over the prize money from the British sloop Active. ...This volume chronicles the six month period of imprisonment and mutiny which precipitated Olmsted's legal proceedings." Sold

MB117. Parker, John P. Cape Breton Ships and Men. Toronto: 1967. Inscribed by the author. 197pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. "...the story of the development of the large cargo schooners which were built in Atlantic Canada..." Sold

MB118. Parker, John P. Sails of the Maritimes. The story of the three- and four-masted cargo schooners of Atlantic Canada 1859-1929. Aylesbury, U.K.: 1961. 2nd printing, 226pp., illus, folded plans, list of Canadian-built 3 and 4 masters. Minor foxing to front cover, very clean interior. Sold

MB119. Pengelly, Colin. The First Bellerophon. A Famous Ship of the Royal Navy. London: 1966. 1st. ed., 303pp., illus. Lightly foxed cover, first 10pp. had folded corners. A good reading copy w/slightly worn d.j. The history of the ship that fought at the Nile, Trafalgar and carried Napolean to St. Helena. $25.00

MB120. Peters, Fred. J. Clipper Ship Prints by Currier & Ives. N.Y.: 1930. 109pp., illus., foxed cover, very good interior and d.j. Classic reference. Sold

MB121. Peterson, Mendel L., Ed., The Journals of Daniel Noble Johnson (1822-1863) United States Navy Journal of a Cruise on the Brazils on Board of the U.S. Ship Delaware, 1841-1842 and Notes by the Way While on Board the U.S. Schooner Enterprise. Washington: 1959. 268pp. Very good. $15.00

MB122. Pierce, Wesley George. Goin' Fishin' The Story of the Deep-Sea Fishermen of New England. Salem: 1934. 337pp., 45 illus., 27 plates, fine w/d.j. Pub. # 26 of the Marine Research Society. Sold

MB123. Plummer, Henry M. The Boy, Me and the Cat. Cruise of the Mascot, 1912-1913. Rye, N.H.: 1980. 3rd. Printing. 142pp., illus. Fine reprint of the classic cat boat story. Sold

MB124. Procter, George H. The Fishermen's Memorial and Record Book. A List of Vessels and Their Crews, Lost from the Port of Gloucester From the Year 1830 to October 1, 1873....1437 Names and 296 Vessels...Valuable Statistics of the Fishing Business. Gloucester: 1873. 172pp, followed by 12pp of ads. Rebound in cloth. A good copy with typical minor foxing. $55.00

MB125. Putnam, George G. Salem Vessels and Their Voyages, Series I. A History of the Pepper Trade with the Island of Sumatra. Salem: 1924. 1st. ed., 173pp., illus. Near fine. $20.00

MB126. Quinn, William P. The Saltworks of Historic Cape Cod. A Record of the Nineteenth Century Economic Boom in Barnstable County. Orleans, Ma.: 1993. 247pp., profusely illus., fine w/d.j. $20.00

MB127. Rabl., S. S. Boatbuilding In Your Own Back Yard. Cambridge, Md.: 1958. 2nd. revised ed., 223pp., profusely illus. Fine. Sold

MB128. Robinson, John and Dow, George Francis. The Sailing Ships of New England. 3 vols. Salem: 1922 (430pp., 320 illus.), 1924 (468pp., 252 illus.) & 1928 (478pp., 215 illus.) All good condition with expected wear. These are Marine Research Publications 1, 5, and 18. Classic works with essays on Mass. Shipbuilding, and Donald McKay. Sold

MB129. Rowe, William Hutchinson. The Maritime History of Maine. Three Centuries of Shipbuilding & Seafaring. Freeport, Me.:n.y. 333pp., illus. A reprint of the classic work. Fine in a very good d.j. Sold

MB130. Rule, Margaret. The Mary Rose: The Excavation and Raising of Henry VIII's Flagship. Annapolis: 1982. 4th impression. 240pp., profusely illus. Fine w/d.j. $25.00

MB131. Samuels, Capt. Samuel. From Forecastle to the Cabin. N.Y.: 1887. 1st. ed., 308pp., illus. Near fine with embossed blue cloth cover. The autobiography of the master of the Dreadnaught. Sold

MB132. Schauffelen, Otmar. Great Sailing Ships. An Illustrated catalogue and History of 150 Extant Barks, Barkentines, Brigs, Brigantines, Frigates, Schooners and Other Large Sailing Vessels Built Since 1628. N.Y.: 1969. 279pp., profusely illus. Near fine w/worn d.j. $45.00

MB133. Schwind, Phil. Practical Shellfish Farming. Camden, Me.: 1977. 91pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. Quahogs, clams, mussles and oysters. $15.00

MB134. Semmes, Admiral Raphael. Memoirs of Service Afloat During the War Between the States. Baltimore: 1869. 833pp., illus. Marbled boards, worn calf spine and corners, ex-library, very good interior, tight binding. This book includes a detailed account of the destruction of the whaling fleet, as well as, other commerce raids. SOLD

MB135. Skene, Norman L. Elements of Yacht Design. N.Y.: 1948. 6th ed., 252pp., illus. Good condition. A standard. Sold

MB136. Smith, Eugene W. Passenger Ships of the World Past and Present. Boston: 1978. 2nd. ed., 1,097pp., illus. An alphabetical listing by route with illustration in the back along with a listing of scrapped vessels since 1960. It seems that these are always annotated, this copy is no exception, otherwise a near fine copy. $35.00

MB137. Smith, Phillip C.F. More Marine Paintings & Drawings in the Peabody Museum. Salem: 1979. 1st. ed. Ltd. To 3,000 copies. 166pp.,

MB138. Snow., Capt. Elliot. The Sea, The Ship and The Sailor Tales of Adventure From Log Books and Original Narratives. Salem: 1925. 1st trade ed., 373pp., 32 plates, Pub. #7 of the Marine Research Society. Light wear to the cover, scattered light foxing to the edges. Sold

MB139. Spears, John R. Captain Nathaniel Brown Palmer. An Old-Time Sailor of the Sea. N.Y.: 1922. 1st ed. 252pp., illus. The standard biography of one of the most famous clipper masters. $25.00

MB140. Speltz, Robert. The Real Runabouts Vol.II. Lake Mills, Iowa: 1978. 230pp., 800+ photos, near fine w/d.j., signed by the author upper-right corner, front end page. There is an unfortunate large #2 that covers most of the front end page. Extremely scarce covering major, regional, foreign and custom builders. $75.00

MB141. Speltz, Robert. The Real Runabouts III. Lake Mills, Iowa: 1980. 330pp., 1,100+ photos, signed by the author front end page , upper right corner. Fine w/d.j., annotation on the front end page. Extremely scarce, more builders, non-wood craft, accesories. $75.00

MB142. Speltz, Robert. The Real Run Abouts IV Outboard Edition. Lake Mills, Iowa: 1982. 573pp., 2,000+ photos. Signed by the author, upper-right end paper. Fine w/d.j. Extremely scarce. "...history of the out board wooden motorboat...motors and canvas covered canoes." $125.00

MB143. Speltz, Robert. The Real Runabouts V. Lake Mills, Iowa: 1984. 289pp., profusely illus., fine w/d.j. Signed by the author, upper right end page, pen annotation on the same and contents page. More builders not covered in previous volumes, along with "one-offs". $75.00

MB144. Speltz, Robert. The Real Runabouts VI. International Edition. Lake Mills, Iowa: 1987. 342pp., profusely illus., fine w/d.j. European builders and 18 additional North American builders. $75.00

MB145. Stackpole, Edouard A. The Mutiny on the Whaleship Globe. N.P.: 1981. 68pp., illus., wraps. Very good. An authoratative account of murder, abanadonment and rescue in the Pacific. $20.00

MB146. Stackpole, Edouard A. Scrimshaw at Mystic Seaport. Featuring Objects From The Kynett, Howland, Townshend and White Collections. Mystic, Ct.: 1966. 2nd. ed. 53pp., illus., fine in a blemished d.j. This work is not often found in hardcover. $30.00

MB147. Stick, David. Graveyard of the Atlantic Shipwrecks of the North Carolina Coast. Chapel Hill, N.C.: 1952. 3rd printing, 276pp., fine w/worn d.j. Pretty much the basic reference, including a 14pp. List of vessels lost. $30.00

MB148. Sweetser, M.F. King's Handbook of Boston Harbor. Boston: 1888. 302pp., followed by 22pp. of ads, embossed cover and spine, profusely illus., partially separated title page, spine tops and corners worn. A great period survey. Sold

MB149. Taylor, Roger. The Fourth Book of Good Boats. Camden: 1984. 239pp., fine w/d.j. 41 more designs. Sold

MB150. Todd, John and Whall, W.B. Practical Seamanship for Use in the Merchant Service. London: 1901. 4th enlarged ed., 385pp., 274 illus. Embossed blue cloth cover with a compass rose. Minor cover wear, tight binding, very good interior. Exquisite steel-plate engravings. Ex-library of the USS Arethusa with its bookplate. Sold

MB151. Underhill, Harold A. Deepwater Sail. Glasgow: 1952. 1st. ed., 302pp., followed by 100 plates, 100 illus., sunned spine, minor cover wear, interior near fine. From schooners to full rigged ships with a discussion of virtually everything in between. $75.00

MB152. Underhill, Harold A. Masting & Rigging the Clipper Ship & Ocean Carrier. Glasgow: 1965. A reprint of the 1946 ed. 304pp., 51 plates, profusely illus. Near fine w/slightly chipped d.j. $50.00

MB153. Underhill, Harold A. Plank on Frame Models, Vol. 1: Scale Hull Construction. Glasgow: 1966. 157pp, followed by 7 plates, with 92 drawings and 27 figures. A reprint of the original 1958 edition. Near fine. $30.00

MB154. Underhill, Harold A. Sail Training & Cadet Ships. Glasgow: 1973. A reprint of the 1956 ed. 384pp., 132 illus., 45 folded plans. Fine w/slightly chipped d.j. The essential work. $75.00

MB155. Van Gaasbeek, Richard M. Wooden Boat and Ship Building. The Fundamental Principles and Practical Methods Described in Detail. Chicago: 1941. 238pp., profusely illus., fine. "To meet a popular demand for a text-book to assist the great army of house carpenters and other woodworkers in transferring from their usual occupations to the wooden boat and ship building industries..." $40.00

MB156. Verne, Jules. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. N.Y.: 1928. 407pp., illus by W.J. Aylward, very good. Capt. Nemo & the Nautilus. Sold

MB157. Villiers, Alan & Picard, Henri. The Bounty Ships of France. The Story of the French Cape Horn Sailing Ships. N.Y.: 1972. 1st. ed. Review copy. 240pp., illus. Fine w/slightly worn d.j. $30.00

MB158. Villiers, Alan J. Falmouth for Orders. The Story of the Last Clipper Ship Race Around Cape Horn. N.Y. : 1929. 1st. ed. 301pp, illus. Good condition. $15.00

MB159. Wallace, Frederick William. In The Wake of the Wind Ships. Notes, Records and Biographies Pertaining to the Square-Rigged Merchant Marine of British North America. N.Y.: 1927. 1st. American ed. 282pp., profusely illus. A better than usual copy with minor foxing to the top of the cover, slightly weak front hinge and a toned, but detached d.j. A standard reference. Sold

MB160. Wallace, Frederick William. Wooden Ships and Iron Men. The Story of the Square Rigged Merchant Marine of British North America, The Ships, Their Builders and Owners. Boston: 1937. 1st trade ed. 356pp., illus. As typical with this book, light scattered foxing to the end and title pages, darkened spine, minor cover wear, balance very good. Sold

MB161. Wangard, Norm and Jim. Classic Powercraft Vol. I. n.p.: 1986. Copy #2456, 128pp., profusely illus. Inscribed by the authors, upper right corner of front end paper. Faux leather illustrated cover. Fine. Fifteen Post-1940 powerboats with commentary. (Gar Woods and Chris Crafts etc.) $30.00

MB162. Wangard, Norm and Jim. Classic Powercraft Vol. II. Colton, Ca.: 1987. 128pp., Copy #1500. Inscribed by the authors in the upper right corner of the front end paper. Faux leather illustrated cover. Fine. 13 boats (Hacker, Gar wood, Chris Craft etc.) with commentary. $30.00

MB163. Warner, William W. Distant Water. The Fate of the North Atlantic Fisherman. Boston: 1977. 1st. ed., 338pp., fine w/chipped d.j. The post-WWII changes to the fisheries, marked by the advent of stern trawling, freezer factory ships, are chronicled through the "Cod Wars", all of which hint at our current predicament. $20.00

MB164. Warren, William Nixon. Story of the Martinique Disaster by Survivors and Rescuers Including the World's Great Calamities. n.p.: 1902. 462pp., "Profusely Illustrated with Photographs Taken Before and After the Disaster". Some cover wear, very good interior. Sold

MB165. Webber, Bernard C. Chatham The Lifeboatmen. A narrative by a seaman recounting his life in the Coast Guard at Chatham on the southeast corner of Cape Cod... Orleans, Ma.: 1985. 1st ed., 128pp., profusely illus., Fine. $25.00

MB166. Whiting, Emma Mayhew and Hough, Henry Beetle. Whaling Wives. Boston: 1953. 293pp. "...a book about some women who made whaling voyages, about the whaling master husbands...[and] the family side of the great industry of whaling..." $35.00

MB167. Worcester, G.R.G. Sail & Sweep in China. The History and Development of the Chinese Junk as Illustrated by the Collection of Junk Models in the Science Museum. London: 1966. 1st ed., 146pp., illus., 13 plates, one folded chart. Fine w/chipped d.j. Sold

MB168. Editors of Wooden Boat. Wooden Boat. An Appreciation of the Craft. Reading, Ma.: 1982. 311pp., 175+ photos, fine w/chipped d.j. Essays and articles on the craft of boat building. $35.00


Antiques & Art Reference

AA1. Ketchum, W.C., Jr. American Cabinetmakers. Marked American Furniture 1640-1940. N.Y. 1995. 1st. ed. 404pp., illus., fine w/d.j. $20.00

AA2. Spillman, J.S. The American Cut Glass Industry. T.J. Hawkes and his Competitors. N.Y. : The Corning Glass Museum & The Antique Collectors Club 1996. 320pp., 512 illus (80 color plates). Fine w/d.j. $45.00

AA3. American Pastels in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. N.Y.: 1989 260pp., 205 B&W, 35 color illus. Fine w/d.j. The exhibition catalog. $30.00

AA4. Bolton, E.S. & Coe, E.J. American Samplers. N.Y., n.y. (ca. 1960) 416pp., 126 illus., near fine w/d.j. The reprint of the 1920 edition. Sold

AA5. Hajdamach, C.R. British Glass 1800-1914. U.K.: The Antique Collector's Club. 1995. 466pp., 430 B&W and 50 color illus. Fine w/d.j. $45.00

AA6. Gordon, Elinor. Collecting Chinese Export Porcelain. N.Y.:1977. 1st. ed., 160pp., 170 B&W, 20 color illus., near fine w/d.j. A standard reference. $75.00

AA7. Cushion, J & M. A Collector's History of British Porcelain. U.K. The Antique Collector's Club. 1994. 448pp. (641 B&W and 135 color illus.) . Fine w/d.j. $45.00

AA8. Lewis, G. A Collector's History of English Pottery. U.K. 1992. 4th revised & enlarged ed., 360pp., 700 B&W and 62 color illus. Fine w/d.j. A standard reference. $45.00

AA9. Neely, Holzer & Boritt. The Confederate Image. Prints of the Lost Cause. Chapel Hill: U. of North Carolina. 1987. 257pp., 121 prints with commentary. The standard work. $50.00

AA10. Zea, P. & Dunlap, D. The Dunlap Cabinetmakers. A Tradition in Craftsmanship. Pa.: 1994. 1st ed. 210pp., 89 photos, numerous drawings. Fine w/d.j. Sold

AA11. Bishop R. & Atkins, J.M. Folk Art in American Life. N.Y. 1995. 1st printing. 228pp., 260 color plates. Fine w/d.j. "... A broad sampling ... from the late 17th century through the late 20th..." $20.00

AA12. Howe, Frelinghuysen, et al. Herter Brothers Furniture and Interiors for a Gilded Age. N.Y.:1994. 272pp., 300 illus (133 color). Fine w/d.j. The exhibition catalog for the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art (N.Y.) and Atlanta's High Museum of Art. $50.00

AA13. Loomes, B. Painted Dial Clocks. 1770-1870. U.K.: The Antique Collector's Club, 1994. 280pp., 275 B&W, 44 color illus. Fine w/d.j. $45.00

AA14. Sprigg, J. Shaker Design. N.Y.: 1986. 228pp., 114 illustrated items with authoritative commentary. The important catalog for the Whitney Museum show. $50.00

AA15. Santore, C. The Windsor Style In America. Phil.:1997. 294pp., 500+ illus. Two volumes in one. "The definitive pictorial study of the history and regional characteristics ... 1730-1840." Fine w/d.j. Sold


Architectural & Old House Reference

The following are reprints of the White Pine Monographs by The National Historical Society. Published in 1987, all are profusely illustrated with both photos and drawings. Unless otherwise noted, fine condition.

AH1. New England By The Sea. Vol. III. 1987. 248pp. Covers Nantucket, Marblehead, Cape Ann, Portsmouth, N.H., Newburyport and S. Maine. $20.00

AH2. Early Architecture of Rhode Island. Vol. VI. 1987. 238pp. Newport, Bristol, Warren, Little Compton, Tiverton, Smithfield and Providence. $20.00

AH3. Village Architecture of Early New England. Vol. VII. 1987. 238pp., Examples from these Mass. Towns: Watertown, Salem, Danvers, Concord, Cambridge, Deerfield, Newbury and Wiscasset, Maine. $20.00

AH4. Early American Southern Homes. Vol. VIII. 1987. 236pp. Prince George and Talbot counties, Maryland, Annapolis; Fairfax County, Virginia; Charleston and N. Carolina. $20.00

AH5. The Evolution of Colonial Architecture. Vol. IX. 248pp. 17th century Colonial cottages and small homes; New England three story homes; selected interior details; early New England brickwork and San Antonio (a Spanish settlement). Fine $20.00

AH6. Early American Community Structures. Vol. X. 226pp. plus the series index. Churches, Meeting Houses, Garrison Houses, Coach Houses, Educational and College Buildings, as well as Period Windows, Doorways, Staircases and Wall Cabinets. Fine. $20.00

AH7. Early Architecture of the South Vol. II. 236pp. Eastern Shore of Maryland, Annapolis, N. Virginia, Virginia, Alexandria, Winston Salem, N. Carolina, New England Influences, Charleston. Fine. $20.00

AH8. Colonial Architecture of the Mid-Atlantic. Vol. IV. 248pp. "New Netherlands." Northern New Jersey, Allentown, Lower Delaware Valley, Berks County, Pa., Moravian Architecture, New Castle Delaware, William Pain's 1762 "Builder's Companion" reprint, and Colonial roofs. Fine. $20.00


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