Whaling Collection

1. Rare, possibly unique Greener darting gun conversion marked as follows: Obliterated markings partially read: "Converted for Ne... (?) by W.W. Greener." 761 over AF1215 with British foundry markings: A 4 line incised star to the left of a crown over "E," over 18, beside a crown, over VR, over crossed swords(?),over 2P. The opposite side is marked with a crown over V.R., over Enfield 1876, over an anchor over "II". The stock is faintly marked: W.G. Co., within a circle over 3756. P.O.R. A rare, possibly unique conversion to an air gun, most probably used for seal or walrus hunting. Length overall: 45-1/2". The dart is 17-3/4". Expected minor wear. I can find no similar piece. P.O.R. Sold

2. Cunningham & Cogan bomb lance. Length 16" diameter 1-1/8". Brass bomb with rubber fins present. See Lytle pp. 235, #250. Sold

3. C brand style bomb lance. Length 16". diameter 1". Cast iron tip with three cutting edges, iron or steel tubing, lacks rubber fins. See Lytle pp. 234-235. #248 Sold

4. Arctic double flue harpoon, marked: "JT" marked at head of shaft (boss?). 39-1/2" See Lytle pp. 193, #10. Very good condition. Sold

5. Arctic double flue harpoon, marked: "J.T" at the head of the shaft. See Lytle pp. 193, #10. 37" Very good condition. Sold

6. A single flue Arctic harpoon. Length 35-3/4". See Lytle pp. 198-199 #45, 48, 49. Provenance: Barbara Johnson Sale Part One, 11 Dec. 1981, lot #154., ex-Macy collection. Very good condition. Sold

7. Lance marked "U.A. 8" on the center of the blade on both sides. Length 51-1/4". Good condition. Sold

9. Toggle iron w/ rope work and shaped wooden harpoon sheath. Blade stamped "T.M. Jr. & Co." and incised "BRM" on the reverse. The center "R" is "pin prick" style. Length 33-1/2". Sheath length 8-1/4". There's a "W", for waist boat(?) carved on the top. See Lytle pp. 206-207. Sold

10. Toggle iron w/ rope work remnants on cone. Blade marked "U.A.8" Length 31-3/4", See Lytle pp. 206-207. Sold

11. Darting gun iron 32-3/4", rope remnants on serving ring. See Lytle pp. 214-215, #137, 140. Sold

12. Single toggle "Grommet Iron" harpoon w/ locking ring. Length 30-1/4", grommet ring 2-1/8", spring-loaded head. See Lytle pp. 203-205, #73. Very good condition. Sold

13. Swivel-barbed harpoon w/ copper tag "B-95" Length 28-1/2", probably a porpoise iron. See Lytle pp. 202-203 for a similar iron w/ square section head. Sold

14. Boarding knife and Sheath w/ make-do socket handle and rope work. Length 33-1/4". Two-piece wooden sheath, nailed and bound with serving marlin, traces of old paint, pole remnant in socket. See Lytle pp. 242-243. Sold

15. Skimmer on short pole. Length 42-1/4" Perforated, 12" diameter, sheet iron bowl. Socket mounted on an oak pole. See Lytle pp. 246-247. Fine condition. Sold

16. Sliver or bone spade with round shank on short pole, length 26-1/2", length with pole 51-1/4". Blade width 7-7/8". See Lytle pp. 240-241. #282, 289. An exceptional piece of metal work. Sold

45. 1960s Eskimo fully rigged harpoon on pole. A 90" wooden pole with two oval, hard styrofoam floats and a 2" arrow-shaped dart. Acquired in Alaska. Fine. Sold

46. Large German sperm whale scene Abtheilung. Colored lithograph. ca. 1860. 13-1/8" x 17-1/6", original centerfold. Ingalls Lothrop Collection, pp. 243. #477. Sold

47. Large German active bowhead whaling scene w/ whaleboat and whaleship Abtheilung. Colored lithograph, 13-1/4" x 16-1/2", misc. creases to the lower corners do not extend to image. Original centerfold. Ingalls. Lothrop Collection. pp. 243, #476. Derived from Robert Hamilton ca. 1837. Sold

48. Peche de la Baleine etching by Morel Fatio, engraved by Rouargue, published by Charden. Taken from La France Maritime. Grehan, Paris, 1837. French hand-colored etching. 5-3/4" x 9" sight, matted in a 10-1/4" x 13-1/2" black frame. See Brewington. Kendall Whaling Museum Prints. pp. 69, #211. Ingalls Lothrop Collection. pp. 93. #192. View larger image. Sold

49. Shooting the Harpoon at a Whale by J.H. Clark. 1813.Framed colored aquatint 7" x 9" sight, matted in a 12-1/2" x 14-1/4" wooden frame with a gold liner. "Published & Sold March 1st 1813 by Edwd. Orme, Bond St. London." See Brewington. pp. 51, #158. Ingalls Lothrop Collection. pp. 43. #89. "...a relatively early depiction of a mounted harpoon gun in action." Sold

50. Two hand-colored 19th century prints of whales. View second print. Three whales to a print. Each 9-7/8" x 6-1/2" in a 13-3/4" x 9-7/8" mat. Fine. Sold

51. German whaling print Der Grosse Nordishe Walfisch, #6. 7-1/2" x 8-1/2", matted. Scattered minor foxing, 18th century. Ingalls. Lothrop Collection. pp. 231. #450. Sold

52. French etching of Fishing, Whaling & Rendering Implements, Peche de Mere, two sheets, each 11-1/4" x 8-1/4". Plate #41 illustrates rendering equipment and netting, while #105 shows netting, implements and cooperage. Both bookplates by Bernard. Sold

53. The Whalebone Scrapers. Colored aquatint by Geo. Walker. An 1885 Richard Jackson reprint of the 1814 original from Costumes of Yorkshire. 8-1/2" x 12-1/2" on a 12-1/4" x 17-1/8" sheet. There's a 4" diagonal crease in the lower right corner that does not extend to the image. See Brewington. Kendall Whaling Museum Prints. pp. 187, #570. Sold

54. German Sperm Whaling Scene - XXIX. 12-3/4" x 16-1/2". Two colored vignettes. The top is an active sperm whaling scene with a whaleship in the background. The lower view is a breached sperm whale. There's a 2-1/2" split along the center fold. See Ingalls. Lothrop Collection pp. 243, #478 for a similar view. Ca. 1876. Sold

55. Waltiera, as above, with the addition of the title and following captions: a. Der Gronlandswal. Balaena mysticetus, b. Der Pottfisch. Physeter macrocephalus, 12-3/4" x 16-1/4". Centerfold. Ingalls Lothrop Collection, pp. 243, #478 ca. 1876. Sold

56. English woodcut "Jonah & the Whale", 9-1/4" x 7". Late 18th to early 19th century, "Jonah delivered from the Fish". Sold

57. Histoire Naturele, Cetaces, Scattaglia, dir, Plate #8, 8-1/4" x 11-1/2". French engraving of sperm whale and whales' teeth. Ingalls Lothrop Collection pp. 251, #492. Sold

58. Small English hand-colored book plate of nine varieties of whales, 9-3/4" x 6-1/2", chipped where removed, marked "XXX" upper left and "A. Fullarton & Co. London & Edinburgh" at the base. Sold

59. Jonah & the Whale by Joan Drew. 11" x 11-1/2". Titled and signed lower right. Sold

60. Hand-colored etching "Pisces XXXIX" 9-3/4" x 7-1/2" w/ a deep plate impression. Illustrates large fish and dolphins, signed in the plate, lower right "Jacob Haver Schmuzer". Crease in the upper right corner. Sold

61. Hand-colored print "Pisces II", 9-1/4" x 7-1/4", w/ a deep plate impression. A whale and narwhal are shown. Near fine. Sold

62. 19th century colored lithograph, 13-3/4" x 9-1/2", showing a seal, walrus, narwhal, dolphin and a right whale. Fine condition. Sold

63. Small, tattered hand-colored plate w/ a central whaling and sealing scene "T-11", 7-1/2" x 4-3/4" . The upper right corner is missing along with a bit of the top image. The whaling scene is fine. Sold

64. The Right Whale Fishery, ca. 1851. 11-1/2" x 9-1/8" B&W print w/ two commercial fishing vignettes and a central sperm whaling scene. Lacks upper left corner, damp staining across the upper margin does not extend to the image. Signed "G. Heck dirt" and "Henry Winkles sculpt" on lower right. Minor scattered foxing. Ingalls Lothrop Collection, pp. 79, #161. See Brewington, pp. 6, #12 for a similar image. Sold

65. "Whaler's Chantey" sheet music, 12" x 9". Chicago: Foster Music pub. 1924. 8pp. The cover vignette is a three-quarter stern view of a brigantine within a rope, anchor and harpoon border. Sold

66. Matted print Zoologie. 10-1/4" x 13-3/4" in a plain mat. A variety of the animal kingdom including a narwhal, right whale, dolphin, seal, etc. Marked at the base Druck und Verlang von F.A. Brockhaus in Leipzig. Fine. Sold

67. One sheet "Cetacea Whale Tribe"9" x 13-1/2" Removed from a book, plate LXX, "J.B. Mould, Sc". Illustrations of a "True Whale, Narwhal and porpoise." Slightly chipped along the edges. Sold

68. London Gazette, November 17-20,1679. A single sheet, 2pp, approx. 11" x 7". The back page has an Nov. 18th article "A very great Fish, supposed to be a young whale..." Toned. Sold

69. London Gazette, Sept. 7-11, 1693. A single sheet, 2pp., approx. 10-1/2" x 7-3/4". The back page has an article on the "Greenland Merchant", Capt. Mathews' capture of French whaling prizes off Iceland. Scattered minor foxing. Sold

70. Bell's Weekly Messenger, December 22, 1805. 15-1/4" x 10-1/4". 8pp., with a bold tax stamp in the lower right. Contains articles on the Whale Fishery, including a suit "...to recover the value of a whale, a harpoon, a line, and a boat." from the Greenland Grounds. Also covers Nelson's burial arrangements and the battle of Austerlitz, Sold

71. Connecticut Courant, Nov. 18, 1817. 4pp., 21" x 14", folded. Milford sea serpent article along w/ an illustrated ad for "Hotchkiss, Burdett & Co., have received a large supply of Winter & Summer strained Spermaciti and Sea Elephant Oil..." Sold

72. The Mirror, Sat., May 17, 1823. 14pp., 8-3/8" x 5-1/4". An excerpt from the Annual Register of 1821 reporting the wreck of the Essex. "Vessel Dashed To Pieces By A Whale". Final pages. partially separated. Sold

73. The Leisure Hour, Nov. 10, 1859. 9-7/8" x 6-1/2" 14pp., contains "A Nantucket Whaler's Adventure". Sold

74. Four copies of The Monthly Supplement to The Penny Magazine, May 18, 1833. 8pp., 11-1/8" x 7-1/4". Entirely devoted to "The Whale Fishery" w/ a cover illus. "Harpooning the Whale in the Arctic Seas", "Carcass & Skeleton of the Whale", "Harpoon & Lance", and "The Dangers of the Whale fishery". All vg+ to near fine. Ingalls Lothrop Collection, pp. 55, #112-113. Sold

75. The Saturday Magazine, April 23, 1836. 8pp., 10-3/4" x 7". A 1-1/2 page article on "The Whale Fishery" w/ an illus. of "The Common Greenland Whale". v.g. Ingalls Lothrop Collection, pp. 58. #116. "The bowhead is a copy of Pl. XII, "Balaena Mysticetus, or the Common Whale" in Scoresby (Edinburgh, 1820)." Sold

76. The Mirror, Sat., Aug 13, 1831. 16pp., 8-1/2" x 5-1/4". 3+pp. article on "The Gigantic Whale" w/ skeletal illus. of the "Greenland Whale" at the Pavillion, King's Mews, Charing Cross, London. v.g. Sold

77. Harper's New Monthly Magazine. June 1860 partially disbound, possibly incomplete. 141pp., 10" x 6-3/4". The 19pp. cover story is "A Summer in New England", specifically, New Bedford, whaling and the waterfront. The cover has "A sperm Whale in a Flurry" vignette that is partially torn. Sold

78. Ballou's Pictorial, Feb. 17, 1855. 15-1/8" x 11-1/4" 16pp. Includes a 2pp. article w/ six illus. of "Whaling". Minor scattered foxing, chipped spine. Sold

79. Six hand-colored prints by Wade, cut from Ballou's 1855-pp. 104, 105 along w/ a partial description. All approx 5" x 7": (1) The Chase, (2) Lowering the Boats, (3) Laying On, (4) The Flurry, (5) Cutting In, (6) Trying Out. Sold

80. Gleason's Pictorial, May 17, 1851. 8pp., 15-3/4" x 11-1/4". Contains an illus. "Encounter w/ a Whale". The cover is the Black Ball Line packet "Issac Webb". Scattered minor foxing. See Ingalls. Lothrop Collection pp. 140. #270 for a similar image. Sold

81. Penny Magazine, Dec. 28, 1839. 8pp., 11" x 7-1/4". A three page article on "The Narwhal, or Narwhale" w/ an illus. "Spearing the Narwal". Scattered minor foxing. Sold

82. Harper's Weekly, Aug. 27, 1859. Partial copy of 2pp. The cover illus. and accompanying article is "The Whale Found Near Flushing, L.I." Sold

83. Ballou's Pictorial, Dec. 1, 1855. 14pp., 15" x 11". Contains an article "Whale fishery on the Coast of Japan" w/ illus. See Ingalls. Lothrop Collection pp. 146. #283. Sold

84. Four copies of Harper's Weekly, Nov. 18, 1876. 20pp. The cover features the famous Capt. Kelley illus. of the New Bedford Whaling Fleet trapped in the ice w/ a one paragraph article. All copies in unusually good condition. Ingalls Lothrop Collection pp. 162. #308. Sold

85. Harper's Weekly, June 19, 1875. 20pp. Contains a full 2 page illus. "An Ice Nip in Melville Bay, Off The Devil's thumb"(separated), and "The New Arctic expedition" w/ a large 3/4 page illus. and a full two page spread. Brittle and disbound. Sold

86. Harper's Weekly, June 23, 1877. 20pp. 16-1/2" x 11-1/2". The cover illus. is "A Whaling Station on the California Coast". Brittle and disbound. Sold

87. "Whaling Off Amagansett, Long Island, Drawn by Tappan Adney." A single sheet Harper's 1897 with six vignettes, article on the reverse.15-3/4" x 11". Chipped where removed. Ingalls Lothrop Collection, pp. 169. #323. Sold

88. Harper's, Dec. 22, 1866. Full page illus. 11-1/4" x 15-3/4". "Taking a Whale" by R. Weir. (page 813) with an article by Roger Starbuck. Also, a full page illus. of "The Great Ocean Race -- Henrietta, Fleetwing & Vesta" w/ accompanying article. Disbound, but complete. Ingalls Lothrop Collection, pp. 159. #303. "Robert Weir, the artist, was a whaleman and a naval engineer and officer before becoming an illustrator for Harper's. He served aboard the whaler Clara Bell of Mattapoisett, 1855-1858..." Sold

89. Two bottles sperm whale oil, Portuguese, marked Aceite de Esparma Para Maquinas de Coser. Se Garantiza Que No Forma Goma. 4-1/2" height. Cork stopper, bottle marked "Made in U.S.A." Full and fine condition. Sold

90. Continental cylindrical decorated needle case. 5-1/2" height, 1-1/4" diameter. Divided into two threaded sections. One decorated with a seated lady with a lap dog; the other with an embracing couple. All within a repeated foliate background. Late 18th-early 19th century. Sold

91. Large crochet hook with a fine hand finial dotted inlay, 7-1/2". A one-inch clenched fist w/ dot inlay over three rings, above a 1-1/2" dot inlaid section. The central tapered 2" segment is in a sawtooth pattern.* Traces of old glue reveal that the hand had been repaired at some point. Sold

92. Umbrella form needle case w/ fist finial, 4-3/4". The hand is wrapped around a tiny viewer w/ indistinct scene. Sold

93. Umbrella form needle case w/ hoof finial, 5-1/4". A viewer is inserted through the hoof. Sold

94. Whalebone spool, 1" high, 7/8" diameter. Sold

95. Lace maker's winder w/ beads, 4-1/2" long, marked "Betsey" and decorated with polychromed dots. Sold

96. Early 19th century corkscrew w/ nicely turned whalebone handle, 3-3/8" long, 2-1/4" handle. Sold

97. Eskimo toggle-type harpoon point mounted in a bone head with a serratted edge, 7-1/2" long, 1-1/2" max width. Rust on the spearhead. Sold

98. Eskimo toggle-type harpoon point mounted in a bone shaft, 6" long, 1-3/8" max width. Rusted point. Sold

99. Scenic book mark (oval medallion w/ girl and dog) 4-1/2", contrasting ebonized backing. Sold

100. Seven bone gambling chips, all fine condition, all approx. 1-1/2" diameter. Four marked "5" with red polychrome decoration. Three marked "*". Sold

101. Four miniature bone charms or toys: Acorn form, 1" holder w/ polychrome foliate decoration containing two dice. Turned 1" telescope, no lens. Miniature 1/2" napkin ring. Turned 1" dagger(?). Fine. Sold

102. Turned, bone-handled seal w/a brass "C", 2" long. Sold

103. Whalebone signet ring w/ initial "P" and red polychrome decorated plate and shoulders. Sold

104. Turned acorn-shaped, bone tape measure, 7/8" diameter, 1" height. Sold

105. Bone barrel or cask shaped needle case, 1-1/2" high, 1-1/8" diameter. Sold

106. Four bone charms (two hands, two locks) Extended hand, plain cuff, 1-3/8" long. Open hand, fancy cuff, 1" long. Small padlock. Handbag (?) Sold

107. Open-work bodkin w/ ball in column, 4-3/8" long, incised geometric decoration. Sold

108. Bone pick decorated in a heart and diamond pattern, 2-1/2" long, 6 open-work picks, fine condition. Sold

109. Bone pick decorated in a heart and cross pattern, 2-3/4" long, 6 picks, fine condition Sold

110. Sperm whale tooth, 3-1/4" high, 1-1/4" at the base. Decorated with a fanciful rendering of the eagle and the Seal of the United States. Mid-20th century work. Good condition. Sold

111. Sperm whale tooth, 4" long, 2-3/8" at the base. A beautifully engraved mid-20th century scene. The Merrimac & the Monitor Exchange Fire on the front illustrating the battle at Hampton Roads. The back shows Liberty in the "Emancipation" chariot. There's a small chip above the Monitor's flag. The rest is fine with a nice patina. Sold

112. Sperm whale tooth, 5-7/8" long, 2-1/4" max at the base. The front is decorated with a portrait of a full-rigged ship flying an American flag. The reverse has a full figure portrait of a Civil War era Drummer Boy. The tip of the tooth has an entwined rope border. Mid-20th century work. Sold

113. 19th century sperm whale tooth, 6" high, 2-1/4" at the base, engraved pin-prick style with Victorian women. One side shows a woman in front of a Rocco stand; the reverse has a lady with an exotic bonnet. The work is a bit faint, but quite well done with a nice patina. This is a large, dense tooth that weighs a bit over a pound. Sold

114. 19th century flat bone server, 10-1/8" long w/ two banded baleen rings, a shaped shaft and a sunburst top. Sold

115. Small ivory parallel rules, 6" x 1-3/8", fine. Sold

116. Brass-bound, bone folded rule, 1/4" folded, 12" fully-extended, divided into eighths. Sold

117. Ivory straight ruler, 6" x 1/4". Marked in inches on one side and millimeters and "Lignes" on the reverse. Minor chips. Sold

118. Ivory rule marked "J. Prentice, 1 Chambers St., NY", 6-3/8" long, minor chips to the edges. Sold

119. Brass-bound ivory slide rule marked "Dring-Fage No. 20 Tooley St. London", 6-7/8" x 1-5/8". Minor damage to one of the two sliding scales. Sold

120. Unmarked ivory scale and sector with scrolled top, 6" x 1-3/8". Slightly warped. Sold

121. Surgical tool (?) with ivory handle, 5-3/4", marked "Perry & Co., No. 3 Cheapside". Sold

122. Brass swordfish dart, 4-3/4". Nice edge and patina. A more unusual form than typical. Sold

123. Boot jack with a turned whalebone handle, 9-1/4" long, w/ 3-1/4", fine patina. Sold

124. Three-blade ivory pick, 2-1/8" folded, 3-1/4" fully-extended, somewhat wider than typical picks. Sold

125. Three-blade ivory pick, 2" folded, 3-1/4" fully extended. Sold

126. Small bone needle case, plain, elongated oval form, 2-3/8". Sold

127. Small bone needle case, 3-1/4" rolling pin form w/ turned ends and spiral sawtooth decoration. Minor damage to the carving. Sold

128. Large bodkin w/ turned top. Sold

129. Large bodkin w/ turned top. Sold

130. Small turned bodkin. Sold

131. Boxed set of two spermaceti candles, 10" tapered white candles "Made at the Candle Shop, Nantucket Island, Mass." Sold

132. Two plain baleen busks, 14-1/4" x 1-1/2" x 5-1/3", split, minor scattered insect damage w/ expected lesser assorted age cracks, 13-7/8" a minor central age crack, v.g. overall. Sold

133. Piece of raw baleen "whiskers" Sold

134. Folded umbrella w/ plain bone handle and fancy carved finial, 24" extended. The umbrella fabric is worn. Sold

135. Cased drafting set, three pieces with bone handles: 5-1/8" knife w/ turned handle, minor rust to steel blade. 41/4" straight edge. 4-3/4" pencil w/ turned handle. Sold

136. Crochet hook w/ inlay, 3" long. Sold

137. Two small bone handled knives. One 3-3/8" brass-bound w/ brass cap and rusted blade; the other a 2" long (open) brass-bound, miniature jackknife, w/ loop. Sold

138. Knitting needle w/ fist finial and polychromed cuff. 13-3/4" length overall, hand 1". Minor rust to steel shaft. Sold

139. Jack knife w/ bone handle, 2-3/4" folded, 5" fully extended, blade marked "Kind" within a fancy rectangle. Minor rust to blade and cap. Sold

140. Plain bone match safe, 2" x 1". Sold

141. Bone lot composed of thirteen items: A glove stretcher, two, small, oriental forks (one broken), toy top (possibly oriental), eight small crochet hooks (three plain and five turned tops), and a crude whalebone ring, perhaps unfinished. Sold

142. Bone sewing lot with 15 items: Eight small bodkins, and seven misc. hooks and picks w/ bone handles and all-steel points. Sold

143. Four misc. flat, bone book marks or page turners(?). Sold

144. Incomplete bone chess set, lacks red king. Sold

145. Partial domino sets, 77 pieces. One lot of 67 similar pieces with two broken along with a larger size partial set of 10 pieces. Sold

146. Half-penny coin, 1794, "Payable at I Fowler London Whale Fishery 1794" with a whaling scene of four men in a whaleboat. The reverse has Neptune and a trident under "Half Penny". 1-1/8" diameter. Sold

147. Four Cocos Island ivory tokins. Two are square, one round, and one octagonal. These replaced sheepskin banknotes in 1913 and were used until 1956. All dated 1913. Good used condition. Sold

148. Stereo view cards "Cutting-in" by J. Freeman, Nantucket. 3-1/2" x 7", v.g. Sold

149. Stereo view card "Floating Whale Station, Spitsbergen" by Keystone #15768T, 3-1/2" x 7", minor foxing to the right image. Sold

150. Four whaling post cards, all uncirculated: Two Norwegian photo cards of beached whales. "Hual Norge", "A captured Whale, Bermuda" by Wm. Weiss, Hamilton, Bermuda , colored, photo card, "Now Visiting Whaleship Charles W. Morgan" illustrated by Frank Repoza. Sold

151. Check from The New London Whaling Bank. 2-5/8" x 6-1/2". An 1838 check with a small whaling vignette in the upper right corner. Near fine. Sold

152. Stonington Bank note with a whaling vignette. An uncirculated two dollar note, 2-7/8" x 7-1/4" Fine. Sold

153. Stonington Bank Note with a whaling vignette. An 1862 ten dollar note, 3" x 7-1/4". Near fine. Sold

154. New Bedford GAR Ribbon w/ sperm whale. 8-1/4" x 2-5/8" from the 24th National Encampment, Boston, Aug. 12, 1890. Sold

155. Mariner's Chronicle Containing Narratives of the Most Remarkable Disasters at Sea, such as Shipwrecks, Storms, Fires, and Famines, also Naval Engagements. New Haven: 1834. 1st ed., 496pp., 25 woodcuts (two per page), lacks the end-papers and frontis, scattered foxing, worn leather covers, chipped embossed spine, tight binding. Contains an early account of the loss of the Essex with an illustration. Sold

156. The complete 4 volume set of Sotheby's 1981-1983 sale of the Barbara Johnson Whaling Collection. 4 vols., wraps, annotated with prices realized. Good condition. Sold

157. Hinsdale, F.G. Identifications & Classifications of the Specimens of Whaleman's Harpoons, Lances & Fire-Arms Contained in the Collection of the United States National Museum, Washington D.C. 1918. n.p. 38pp. A mimeographed, 13" x 8-1/2" copy of a catalog that I've not previously seen. Sold

158. 1878 Patent Office Gazette. Vol.13 No. 13. 47pp., illus, wraps. lacks covers. Patents granted for March 1878. Includes pp. 581 #201,793 Bomb-Lances, Daniel Kelleher, New Bedford, Mass. Filed Feb. 16, 1876. Sold

159. Three books associated with the Charles W. Morgan and Mystic: Stackpole, E. Scrimshaw at Mystic Seaport. Mystic: 1966, 2nd printing, 53pp., illus., wraps, Hirshon, G.W. The Whaleship Charles W. Morgan. New Bedford, 1932, 3rd ed. 18pp, illus., wraps. Leavitt, J.F. The Charles W. Morgan. Mystic: 1973. 131pp., illus., wraps. Sold

160. Five whaling museum monographs and bulletins from New Bedford and Nantucket. The Story of Whaling. 1961, 28pp., illus., wraps. The Forbes Collection Exhibit on Nantucket. Nolin, W.R. The Nantucket Whaling Museum. 1967. 48pp., illus., wraps. Bulletin from Johhny Cake Hill, 1965 12pp., illus., wraps, w/ article "Fitting Out a Whaler." Kugler, R.C. The Whale Oil Trade 1750-1775. 1980, 23pp., illus., wraps. Hall, E.W. Panoramic Views of Whaling by Benjamin Russell. 1981,. n.p., illus., wraps. Sold

161. Auction and marine catalogs. Bourne 1966. Auction of the Edwin F. Eldredge Whaling & Marine Collection, Session III. 28pp, illus., wraps (sporadically annotated in red) with the folded advertising pamphlet. Chuck Deluca's 1979 Maritime Antiques catalog, 18pp., illus., wraps, creased where folded. Sotheby's London 1985 Marine Sale. n.p., illus., wraps, 649 lots. The Bourne and Deluca material are scarce. Sold

162. Two whaling histories. The Whale Fishery of New England. Boston: State St. Bank: 1915, 63pp., illus., wraps, front hinge coming unglued, 1" rip on cover. Martin, K.R., 1974. Delaware Goes Whaling 1833-1845. 64pp, illus., wraps, chip to upper front cover. Sold

163. Barbeau, M. "All Hands Aboard Scrimshawing". Salem: 1973. 26pp., illus., wraps. Reprint from the 1952 American Neptune. Sold

164. Earle, W.K and Davenport, J. Scrimshaw Folk Art of the Whalers. 1957. 4th printing, illus. w/ line drawings, 36pp., wraps. A publication of the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum. Sold

165. Whaling -- The American Neptune Pictorial Supplement IV. Salem: 1962. 32 plates, wraps, slightly sunned covers. Sold

166. Matthews, Dr. L.H. ed., The Whale. 1975. 287pp., 267 illus., v.g. w/ a chipped d.j. Sold

167. Two books on whales. Hoyt, E. The Whale Watcher's Handbook. 1984, 208pp., illus., wraps. Walker, T.J. Whale Primer with Special Attention to the California Grey Whale. 1091. 65pp., illus. wraps. Sold

168. American Heritage Whaling Books. Shapiro, I. The Story of Yankee Whaling (Junior Library). 1959. 153pp., illus., Amer. Heritage Dec. 1960 w/ a 17pp. article by Ivan Sanderson on whaling and the Benj. Russell panorama. Sold

169. Two children's whaling books. Sheldon, D. The Whale's Song. 1990. n.p. illus w/ d.j. Spence, Bill. Harpooned -- The Story of Whaling. 1980. 192pp., illus. w/ d.j. Sold

170. Two whaling books. Dow, G.F. Whale Ships & Whaling. 1985 reprint of the 1925 ed., 239pp., illus., wraps. Giambarba, P. Whales, Whaling & Whalecraft. 1967. 127pp., illus., wraps. Sold

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