S1. 19th century, 4-1/2" carved bodkin. A finely carved,walrus ivory, clenched fist with a geometric center section. Beautiful, warm patina. Sold

S2. 19th century, 3-7/8" walrus ivory bodkin. An open, scored cage over a geometric base and shaped shaft. Minor age cracks, nice patina. Sold

S3. 19th century 4-1/8" x 1-5/8", Civil War era, polychromed, sperm whale tooth. The front is decorated with an unfinished portrait of a young boy in a dress. There is a yellowed ghost of an old tape mark that extends through the right side of the upper body. The reverse is decorated with a polychromed portrait of Liberty holding the Stars & Stripes. Part of the tape remnant is below Liberty's outstretched arm, but does not affect the image. This image was taken from a patriotic Civil War cover. Minor age crack at the very top. An extremely well-executed period tooth in "as found" good condition. Sold

S4. 19th century Captain's cane, 32-3/4" cane. A silver mounted , walrus ivory knob over a figured, tropical wood shaft with an applied, 5-3/8" brass tip. The shaft is drilled and mounted for a lanyard. The silver disc is engraved in script: "Capt. McErskine". Expected wear, warm color. Sold