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The Library of Liz and Ray deLucia

LD1. Andrews R.C. All About Whales. N.Y.: 1954. 2nd printing. 148pp., illus. v.g. w/ d.j. Juvenile book. $15.00

LD2. Andrews, R.C. Ends of the Earth. N.Y.: 1929. 1st ed. 355pp., 67 illus. The hinges are shot, sunned spine, minor cover wear. $30.00

LD3. Ballantyne, R.M. Fighting the Whales. Or Doings and Dangers on a Fishing Cruise. London: N.Y. 126pp., illus., embossed cover. v.g. $30.00

LD4. Ballantyne, R.M. Fighting the Whales. London: N.Y. 124pp., illus. Color cover and frontis. $30.00

LD5. Ballantyne, R.M. The Red Eric or the Whaler's Last Cruise. Boston: 1864. 420pp., sunned and chipped spine, weak hinges, minor scattered foxing. $30.00

LD6. Becke, Loius. Rodman, The Boatsteerer. Phil. 1898. 1st Amer. ed., 331pp., minor foxing to covers and spine. A chapter on whaling among other sea stories. Sold

LD7. Bennett, A.G. Whaling in the Antarctic. N.Y.: 1932. 222pp., illus. ex-library copy with spine markings, sleeve and bookplate, scattered blindstamps. $30.00

LD8. Birkeland, K.B. The Whalers of Akutan. An Account of Modern Whaling in the Aleutian Islands. 1st. ed. 1926. 171pp., illus., v.g. ex-library copy w/stamps on title and front end pp. Sold

LD9. Bocktoce, J.R. Whales, Ice & Men. The History of Whaling in the Western Arctic. 1986. 1st ed. 400pp., profusely illus. v.g. in a chipped d.j. $30.00

LD10. Boeri, D. People of the Ice Whale. Eskimos, White Men & the Whale. N.Y.: 1983. 1st ed., inscribed and signed by the author. 285pp., illus. v.g. w/d.j. Sold

LD11. Brewington M.V. & D. Kendall Whaling Museum Paintings. 1965. 1st. ed. 137pp., illus. Fine. A standard reference. $35.00

LD12. Browne, J.R. Etchings of a Whaling Cruise. 1968. 581pp. v.g. in a worn d.j. Reprint of the classic 1846 edition, which influenced Melville. Sold

LD13. Burns, W.N. A Year With A Whaler. 1913. 1st. ed. 250pp., illus. Embossed cover, spines chipped, front hinge starting to weaken. $45.00

LD14. Burton, R. The Life and Death of Whales. N.Y.: 1973. 1st. ed.,159pp., illus., $15.00

LD15. Busch, B.C., ed. Master of Desolation: The Reminiscences of Capt. Joseph J. Fuller. 1980. 1st. ed. 349pp., illus. Fine w/worn d.j. $15.00

LD16. Busch, B.C. Whaling Will Never Do For Me. The American Whaleman in the Nineteenth Century. Lex., KY.: 1994 1st. ed., inscribed and signed by the author. 265pp., fine w/d.j. Sold

LD17. Chatterton, E.K. Whalers and Whaling. N.Y.: n.y 251pp., tattered d.j. A Deep Sea Library ed., near fine w/d.j. remnant. Sold

LD18. Church, A.C. Whale Ships & Whaling. N.Y.: 1960. 179pp., 200+ illus. Reprint of the 1938 classic photo essay. Good w/ tattered d.j. $30.00

LD19. Cleveland, Richard J. In the Forecastle; Twenty-Five Years A Sailor. N.Y.: 1876. 1st ed., 407pp., minor chips to spine, bright cover and interior. v.g. $75.00

LD20. Colby, B.L. For Oil & Buggy Whips. Whaling Captains of New London County, Conn. 1990. 203pp., illus. Wraps. v.g. $15.00

LD21. Cook, J.A. Pursuing the Whale. A Quarter-Century of Whaling in the Arctic. Boston: 1926. 1st. ed.,344pp., illus. Minor scattered foxing. An unusually tight, bright copy. $50.00

LD22. Cook, J.J. & Wisner, W.L. Warrior Whale. A Factual Account of the Mighty Toothed Sperm Whale. N.Y.: 1966. 96pp., illus. v.g. w/ worn d.j. Sold

LD23. Cook, Capt. J.A. & Pederson, S.S. Thar She Blows -- Experiences of Many Voyages Chasing Whales in the Arctic. 1937. 1st. ed. 314pp., illus. Title page inscribed and signed by both authors. Sunned spine. Sold

LD24. Cooper, J.F. The Sea Lions or The Lost Sealers. N.Y.: n.y. 463pp., title page detached, toned interior, cover wear, a reading copy. $25.00

LD25. Crosby, Everett U. Ninety Five Per Cent Perfect. n.p. 1944. 2nd ed. 124pp., illus. w/ new material. Sunned covers. Among the standard references on Nantucket architecture. $50.00

LD26. Darwin, Charles. Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle Round the World Under the Command of Capt. Fitz Roy. N.Y.: 1899, 2nd. ed., 512pp., weak front hing, front end pages loose, minor, faint scattered pencil notations. Covers and interior bright. $130.00

LD27. Davis, W.M. Nimrod of the Sea or The American Whaleman. Boston: 1926. 406pp., illus. Minor chips to corners and spine. Interior near fine. Early reprint of the 1876 ed. $85.00

LD28. Decker, R.O. The Whaling City. A History of New London. 1976. 1st. ed. 415pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. Scarce. $85.00

LD29. Digges, J. Bowleg Bill: The Sea-Going Cowboy. N.Y.: 1938. 1st. ed., 188pp., illus. v.g. w/ d.j. $25.00

LD30. Dulles, F.R. Harpoon. The Story Of A Whaling Voyage. 1935. 1st. ed. 230pp. Illus. by Ashley. Sunned spine with minor wear. v.g. Interior. Sold

LD31. Ely, B.S. There She Blows. A Narrative of a Whaling Voyage, in the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans. 1971. 1st. ed. 208pp., illus. Vol. III American Maritime Library. v.g in a fair d.j. $20.00

LD32. Faukner, Joseph. P. Eighteen Months on a Greenland Whaler. N.Y. : 1878. 1st. ed., 317pp., stained covers, chipped spine, interior v.g. Scarce. $225.00

LD33. Frank, S.M. Dictionary of Scrimshaw Artists. 1991. 1st. ed. 198pp., illus. Near fine w/ good d.j. Inscribed and signed by the author, minor ink notations to references from the deLucia collection. Sold

LD34. Garner, S. Ed. The Captain's Best Mate. The Journal of Mary Chipman Lawrence on the Whaler Addison, 1856-1860. 1966. 1st ed., 312pp., illus. v.g. w/ chipped d.j. $40.00

LD35. Giambarba, P. Whales, Whaling & Whalecraft. 1967. 1st printing. 127pp., 100 illus. Wraps v.g. $12.00

LD36. Gilbreth, F.B., Jr. Of Whales & Women. One Man's View of Nantucket History. 1956. 242pp., illus. v.g. w/ chipped d.j. $20.00

LD37. Godman, J. D. American Natural History. Phil.: 1828. 264pp., illus. Minor wear to leather bound boards. Binding tight. 156pp on narwhals, whales and the whaling industry w/ 2 full pp. Illus. of Common Whale and Implements used (swivel harpoon gun, darts and lances), scattered foxing. Scarce and early. Sold

LD38. "Grandpa Ben" The History of A Ship From Her Cradle to Her Grave. London: n.d., ca. 1840. 312pp., illus. Embossed front cover and spine w/ slight wear. Interior near fine. $125.00

LD39. Grant, G. Greasy Luck. A Whaling Sketch Book. N.Y. : 1932. 1st. ed., 127pp. of Grant's work with commentary. Sold

LD40. Greely, Gen. A.W. A Handbook of Polar Discoveries. Boston: 1907. 3rd. revised and enlarged ed., 325pp., illus. Sunned spine, nice cover. Interior edges dampstained. A reading copy, as is. $20.00

LD41. Haley, N.C. Whale Hunt. The Narrative of a Voyage By Nelson Cole Haley Harpooner in the Ship Charles W. Morgan 1849 -1853. 304pp., illus. Good w/ tattered d.j. Sold

LD42. Halsey, H. Ed., Incident on the Bark Columbia. 1941. 1st.ed., #261/300, n.p. (approx. 60pp.), 6-3/4" x 5-1/4". Fine. $125.00

LD43. Harry the Whaler. N.Y., n.d. 138pp., 6-1/4" x 4-1/4", Sunned cloth covers w/ minor stains, minor chips at the top of the spine, interior near fine. Sold

LD44. Haverstick, I. & Shepard, B. The Wreck of the Whaleship Essex. A Narrative Account By Owen Chase, First Mate. 1965. 1st. ed., 124pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. $25.00

LD45. Hazen, Jacob A. Five Years Before the Mast or Life in the Forecastle aboard a Whaler and Man-Of-War. N.Y.: 1870., 2nd ed., 444pp., illus., front cover virtually detached, chipped spine, cloth separating from spine. Covers sunned, interior very good. Scarce. $85.00

LD46. Hegarty, R. The Rope's End. 1965. 2nd printing. 133pp., illus. Fine w/d.j. $20.00

LD47. Hopkins, W.J. She Blows ! And Sparm at That! 1922. 361pp., illus by Ashley. Worn cover, chipped spine, interior v.g. Sold

LD48. Housby, T. The Hand of God. Whaling in the Azores. 1971. 1st.ed. 95pp., illus. Good w/ tattered d.j. Sold

LD49. Howland, C. Thar She Blows! 1951. 2nd printing. 304pp., illus. Sunned spine, interior v.g. $20.00

LD50. Hunt, W.R. Arctic Passage. The Turbulent History of the Land and People of the Bering Sea 1697-1975. N.Y.: 1975. 395pp., illus. ex-lib. copy w/ markings, stamps and sleeve. v.g. w/ d.j. $20.00

LD51. Huntington, G. Songs The Whalemen Sang. Barre, Ma.: 1964. 328pp., illus., good w/ tattered d.j. Sold

LD52. Issacs, Nicholas P. Twenty Years Before the Mast or Life in the Forecastle. N.Y.: 1845. 199pp., accounts of sealing etc. 6-1/4" x 4", sunned cloth, chipped spine, slight interior foxing. $85.00

LD53. Jackson, G. The British Whaling Trade. 1978. 1st.ed. 310pp., illus. Fine. w/d.j. $45.00

LD54. Jacobs, L. Jr. Shamu: The Killer Whale. Indianapolis: 1968. 1st. ed., 79pp., illus. v.g. w/ tattered d.j. $15.00

LD55. Jardine, Sir William. The Naturalist's Library. Mammalia. Vol. VI. On the Ordinary Cetacea or Whales. Edinburgh: 1837. 264pp., 32 hand-colored plates, 7" x 4-1/4". F ront cover detached, taped repairs to spine remnants, title page detached, interior and plates near fine. $150.00

LD56. Kingston, W.H.G. The Young Whaler or Adventures of Archibald Hughson. Boston: 1878. 178pp., embossed cover. Minor scattered foxing, especially near the endpages. $35.00

LD57. Kingston, W.H.G. Peter The Whaler: His Early Life and Adventures in the Arctic Regions. Bristol: 1946. 246pp., illus., minor cover wear, interior near fine. Reprint of the 1859 ed. $15.00

LD58. Leech, Samuel. Thirty Years from Home or A Voice From the Main Deck Being the Experience of Samuel Leech Who was for Six Years in the British and American Navies... Boston: 1843. 305pp., illus. 6-1/4" x 4-1/4" sunned covers and spine, bright interior. $125.00

LD59. Leslie, John, Jameson & Murray, Hugh. Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas and Regions: with Illustrations of their Climate, Geology, and Natural History; and an Account of the Whale Fishery. N.Y.: 1832., 373pp., 13 illus, folded chart 6" x 4". Minor scattered foxing, rubbed leather covers $175.00

LD60. Lindsay, D.M. A Voyage to the Arctic in the Whaler Aurora. 1911. 1st. ed., 223pp., illus. Sunned spine w/ minor stain, balance v.g. $60.00

LD61. Liversidge, D. The Whale Killers. London: 1964. 192pp., illus. Fine w/ tattered d.j. $25.00

LD62. Lubbock, B. The Arctic Whalers. Glasgow: 1955. 483pp., illus., Fine w/ tattered d.j. Reprint of 1937 ed. $75.00

LD63. Markham, A. H. A Whaling Cruise to Baffin's Bay and The Gulf of Beothia and an Account of the Rescue of the Crew of the "Polaris." London: 1874. 319pp., + 48pp ads., ex-library copy. Contemporary rebind. Lacks 2 of 8 plates. The plates are inoffensively blind stamped, many chipped. Frontis detached w/ chips, folded chart torn and chipped. A working copy of a seldom found book. $350.00

LD64. Martin, K. R. Whalemen's Paintings & Drawings. Selections from the Kendall Whaling Museum Collection. 1983. 172pp., illus. Fine w/ worn d.j. $25.00

LD65. McCracken, D.R. Four Months On A Jap Whaler. 1948. 1st. ed. 228pp., illus., Good w/ the tattered, lurid d.j. $25.00

LD66. McLaughlin, W.R.D. Call to the South. A Story of British Whaling in Antarctica. 1962. 1st. ed., 188pp, illus., near fine w/ d.j. $30.00

LD67. Melville, H. Moby Dick. 1989. 495pp., illus. Fine. A Reader's Digest complete text publication. $15.00

LD68. Mielche, H. There She Blows! 1952. 1st ed. 227pp., illus. v.g. w/d.j. Modern factory whaling. $35.00

LD69. Miller, P.A. Ed., And The Whale Is Ours. Creative Writing of American Whalemen. Boston: 1979. 201pp. Inscribed by the author. Fine w/d.j $25.00

LD70. Minasian, S.M, et al. The World's Whales. The Complete Illustrated Guide. Wash.: 1984. 1st. ed., 224pp., illus. Near fine w/ d.j. $20.00

LD71. Murdoch, W.H.B. Modern Whaling & Bear Hunting. A Record of Present-Day Whaling with Up-To-Date Appliances in Many Parts of the World, and of Bear and Sealing Hunting in the Arctic Regions. Philadelphia: 1917. 320pp., illus. Ex-library, plate sleeve, marking, blindstamps, stained covers. A good tight reading copy with a very good interior. $45.00

LD72. Murphy, R.C. Fish-Shape Paumanok. Nature and Man on Long Island. Philadelphia: 1964. 67pp., illus. Near fine. $35.00

LD73. Murphy, R.C. A Dead Whale or a Stove Boat. Cruise of Daisy in the Atlantic Ocean June 1912-May 1913. Boston: 1967. 1st. ed., 177pp., illus. Inscribed and signed by the author. Scattered foxing to the cover, d.j. Remnant. Included are three postcards to the deLucias from Murphy, along with a series of newspaper obituarys and memorials. Sold

LD74. Newell, C.M. The Voyage of the Fleetwing. A Narrative of Love, Wreck, and Whaling Adventures. Boston: 1886. 443pp., illus., illus. Tops of spine chipped, minor cover wear, interior near fine. Scarce. $150.00

LD75. Norris, K.S., ed., Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises. Berkeley: 1966., 1st. ed., 789pp., illus., edges foxed, interior v.g. w/ tattered d.j. $35.00

LD76. Olmsted, F.A. Incidents of a Whaling Voyage to which are added Observations on the Scenery, Manners, Customs, and Missionary Stations, of the Sandwich & Society Islands. 1969. 360pp., illus. First modern reprint of the classic 1841 ed. Fine w/ v.g. d.j. Sold

LD77. Packard, W. The Young Ice Whalers. Boston: 1903. 1st. ed., 397pp., illus. Minor cover wear, bright tight interior. Scarce. $40.00

LD78. Riedman, S. And Gustafson, E.T. Home is the Sea: for Whales. Chicago: 1966. 1st printing. 264pp., illus. Near fine w/ d.j $25.00

LD79. Ross, W.G. Arctic Whalers Icy Seas. Narratives of the Davis Straits Whale Fishery. 1985. 263pp., illus. v.g. w/ d.j. $40.00

LD80. Riggs, D.C. From Off Island The Story of My Grandmother. 1940. 347pp., illus. $25.00

LD81. Sanderson, I.T. Follow the Whale. Boston: 1956 1st. Amer. ed. 423pp., illus., good w/ tattered d.j. "From time immemorial man has pursued the whale. This is the story....its historical, cultural and economic consequences." One of the better surveys. $25.00

LD82. Schmitt, F.P. Mark Well The Whale! Long Island Ships to Distant Seas. 1971. 515pp., illus. Fine w/ d.j. Scarce. $30.00

LD83. Scoresby, William, Jr. An Account of the Arctic Regions with a History and Description of the Northern Whale Fishery. Edinburgh: 1820. 1st ed., 2 vols. Rebound in buckram. Vol. I: 551pp. +82pp. tables. Vol II: 574pp., 24 engravings, large folded map w/ a 2" jagged tear, minor scattered foxing to the interior. Overall a very good copy of this cornerstone of any Arctic or whaling library. $1,500.00

LD84. Sherman, S.C. The Voice of the Whaleman With an Account of the Nicholson Whaling Collection. 1965. 1st. ed. 216pp., illus. Fine w/ v.g. d.j. $40.00

LD85. Small, G.L. The Blue Whale. N.Y.: 1971. 248pp., illus. Wraps. v.g. $10.00

LD86. Smith, C.E. From the Deep of the Sea. An Epic of the Arctic. N.Y.: 1923. 1st. ed., 357pp., illus., reinforced front hinge, otherwise near fine with a repaired tattered d.j. $ 35.00

LD87. Spears, J.R. The Story of the New England Whalers. N.Y. 1910. 418pp., illus. Embossed blue cloth cover, minor wear to the top and bottom spine, interior near fine. $35.00

LD88. Spence, B. Harpooned. The Story of Whaling. N.Y.: 1980. 192pp., illus. Near fine w/ d.j. $25.00

LD89. Stackpole, E.A. The Charles W. Morgan. The Last Wooden Whaleship. N.Y.: 1967. 1st. ed. 179pp., illus. A good copy w/ bright, tape repaired d.j. $30.00

LD90. Stackpole, E. A. and Summerfield, M.B. Nantucket Doorways: Thresholds to the Past. N.Y.: 1974. 152pp., illus., inscribed and signed by Stackpole. Near fine w/ d.j. $25.00

LD91. Stackpole, E.A. Whales and Destiny. The Rivalry between America, France, and Britain for Control of the Southern Whale Fishery, 1785-1825. Boston: 1972. 427pp., illus., near fine w/ d.j. Inscribed and signed by the author, with a 1985 Christmas card from Stackpole. $35.00

LD92. Starbuck, A. The History of the American Whale Fishery From Its Earliest Inception to the Year 1876. Washington: 1876. Contained within the Report of the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries for 1875-1876. 1029pp., illus. The actual history contains 768pp., with 6 full page plates. The true first edition of the most important single work on American whaling. An old cloth rebinding with reinforced hinges. Very good interior. $500.00

LD93. Starbuck, A. The History of Nantucket County, Island, and Town Including Genealogies of First Settlers. Rutland: 1969. 1st. Reprinted ed., 871pp., illus., near fine w/ d.j and slipcase. Sold

LD94. Taylor, Fitch W. A Voyage Round the World....In the United States Frigate Columbia: Attended by Her Consort The Sloop of War John Adams. New Haven: 1847. 332pp + 2pp ads. Illus. Two volumes combined. Minor chips to the embossed spine. Minor scattered foxing to the edges. Overall tight and clean $100.00

LD95. Thomes, William H. The Whaleman's Adventures in the Sandwich Islands and California. Boston: 1871. 444 pp., green cloth, embossed, chipped spine, previous owner's info scribbled on inside front board, extensive pencil notation to front end paper, interior bright and tight. $125.00

LD96. Tittle, W. The First Nantucket Tea Party. N.Y.: 1907. 1st ed., n.p. Profusely illus. w/ commentary. Scarce. $175.00

LD97. Tonnessen, J.N. & Johnsen, A.O. The History of Modern Whaling. Berkeley: 1982. 1st. ed. 798pp., illus. Fine w/ d.j. $45.00

LD98. Tripp, W.H. There Goes Flukes--The Story of New Bedford's Last Whaler being the Narrative of a Voyage of Schooner John R. Manta on Hatteras Grounds 1925... New Bedford: 1938. 1st. ed. 262pp., illus. Signed by the author. The two front end pages are marred by old paper clip marks. The balance is fine. $75.00

LD99. True, F.W. The Whalebone Whales of the Western North Atlantic. Wash.: 1904. 332pp., of text followed by 50 plates. Lower edges dampstained, usually not extending to the text or the plates. Some of the pages had been stuck and were crudely separated, especially toward the back. Rebound in black cloth. A good working copy of a scarce book. $250.00

LD100. Tuck, J.A. and Grenier, R. Red Bay, Labrador. World Whaling Capital A.D. 1550-1600. St. John's: 1989. 68pp., illus. Wraps, inscribed and signed by Tuck. V.G. $20.00

LD101. Tucker, G.F. The Boy Whaleman. Boston: 1924. 1st. ed., 283pp., illus., v.g. w/ tattered d.j. Sold

LD102. Venables, B. Baleia! Baleia! Whale Hunters of the Azores. N.Y.: 1969. 1st. Amer. ed., 204pp., illus. Near fine w/ v.g. d.j. Sold

LD103. Verrill, A. Hyatt. The Real Story of the Whaler. N.Y.: 1923. 2nd. ed., 295pp., 65 illus. Worn cloth on spine, minor cover wear, interior near fine. $50.00

L104. Villiers, A. J. Whaling in the Frozen South. Being the Story of the 1923 -24 Norwegian Whaling Expedition to the Antarctic. Indianapolis: 1931. 302pp., illus. Sunned spine and cover, interior v.g. $20.00

L105. Watson, A.C. The Long Harpoon: A Collection of Whaling Anecdotes. New Bedford: 1929. 1st. ed., 190pp., illus. Near fine. $35.00

L106. Watson, L. Whales of the World. A Complete Guide to the World's Living Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises. N.Y.: 1981. 302pp., illus., fine w/ d.j. $20.00

L107. Webb, R.L. On the Northwest. Commercial Whaling in the Pacific Northwest 1790-1967. Vancouver: 1988. 1st. ed., 425pp., illus. Inscribed and signed by the author. Near fine w/d.j. Sold

L108. Weddell, J. A Voyage Towards the South Pole Performed in the Years 1822-24 Containing an Examination of the Antarctic Sea (1827). Annapolis: 1970 reprint. 324pp., illus., near fine w/ d.j. $25.00

L109. Wheeler, J.C. There She Blows! N.Y.: 1926 286pp., illus. Embossed front cover. Fine. $40.00

L110. Whitecar, William B., Jr. Four Years Aboard the Whaleship. Phil.: 1864. 413pp., cloth w/ marbled boards. Back cover detached, title inked on spine, lacks front end pages, title page detached. Interior very good. The Bark Pacific 1855-1859 to Australia and New Zealand Grounds. $150.00

L111. Whiting E.M. & Hough, H.B. Whaling Wives. Boston: 1953. 293pp., illus. Ex.-lib. Ghost of library tape on spine, bookplate and sleeve. $25.00

L112. Wise, T. To Catch a Whale. London: 1970. 1st. ed., 190pp., 30 illus. Near fine w/ d.j. $25.00


HOW TO ORDER  All items are sold on a first-response basis. For best results, order by telephone or email. Please order by catalog number. Your call will be returned to confirm your order. Make checks payable to Marine Antiques. (Sorry, we are unable to take credit card orders at this time.)
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