Artifacts, Marine Instruments, Half Hulls

A1. An uncommon, 19th century builder's half model of a substantial steam yacht. Finely built in eight lifts with an applied bowsprit, rudder and propellor. The model is 54-1/4" to the end of the bowsprit, 4-1/4" high, with a beam of 3-1/2". It is mounted on a 58-1/2" x 10-1/2" backboard. Both the model and the backing have an ebonized finish. The following are minor flaws: The transom is chipped and a 1/2" section of the rear quarter rail is gone. A 4" mid-ship section of rail is missing. Both the propellor and rudder could stand re-gluing. The lower corners of the backboard are chipped. A scarce piece in very presentable condition. Sold

A2. 19th century builder's half model of a yacht. Bread and butter planked in eight alternating lifts with applied skeg. 30" x 3-1/4" high x 4-1/4" max. beam, mounted on a plain 34-3/4" x 5-1/2" backboard. Two replaced screws in the back. Possibly from the 1870s. But no newer than mid-1880s. Minor chips to the bow, rail and transom. Very fine lines with a distictive bow. Sold

A3. Unusual builder's half half model constructed in pine 8 sections with a carved bowsprit and fiddle head. "1933" is painted in gold on the transom, while the initials "W.H." are on the bow. 37-1/2" to the end of the bowsprit x 3" x 3-1/2" max beam. Without the date on the transom, I'd have guessed that this was a 19th century coasting schooner. Beautifully made with a fine, mellow patina. Sold

A4. Working builder's half model model of a yacht. Made from a single piece of carved pine divided in two with an inlaid, contrasting waterline. The model is 27-1/4" x 4" x 3-7/8" max. beam, mounted on a plain 28-1/2" x 7" pine backboard. There are some penciled stations and cockpit lines on the deck. A rudder is indicated in pencil on the backboard. Pencil lines for the prospective waterline are the reverse. The backboard has an age split. Minor chips to the edge of the transom and bow. A nice working model found in Maine and believed to be Temptress, a sloop from the Bucksport area that was wrecked in the early 1960s. Sold

A5. Builder's half model of a work boat. Made in 5 pine lifts with worn, white primer on the hull and a natural finished deck. The model is 15-1/2" x 2-5/8" max. height x 2-5/8" max. beam. Notations penciled on the back: "30'9" x 10'4" .... 29-1/2' W. L." Sold

A6. Decorative half model carved from a single piece of pine of a late 19th century sloop. 14-3/8" x 2-1/4" high x 2-3/4" max. beam. Lofted on both the deck and the back. Stained "oak". There's a chip on the center rail where a knot separated. $95.00

A7. Rare, Mid-19th century, open work, partially planked model of a British coasting vessel. 44" x 13-1/4" wide, and 12" high. Properly built in the "quick and dirty" English style of the era, with sistered frames and the typical plumb stem and oval, overhanging, transom. Old enough to have all hand-cut nails. A variety of expected age oriented splits and repairs. Sold

A8. Bone model of the whale ship Charles W. Morgan. Bone planks on a, probably, solid wooden hull with hand formed bone components. Properly equipped with six whaleboats on davits, 2 on the house, tryworks, and cutting in platform. The original, faded American and house flags. The model is 10" long, 3-5/8" max. width, and 7-3/4" high to the main topmast. It is mounted on a contemporary 12" x 3" mahogany board. There has been minor professional restoration to the rigging. There are some original, inoffensive glue traces. The original black felt(?) covered base is included. It has a small C.W. Morgan plaque. A partial maker's label "Charles Hopkins 130 Cottage...Winthrop Mas (s)..." is on the back. Most likely made in the first third of the 20th century. Sold

A9. C.C. Brand #1 Shoulder Gun. Cast iron skeleton stock with an old replacement hammer. Length: 36", barrel length: 20", Bore: 7/8" Weight: 20 lbs. Retains the seldom-found original brass headed 201/2" ebonized ramrod. Lacks the sights. The sights and hammers on these rarely survived. See Lytle, pp. 224 for similar examples. $2950.00

A10. Mid-18th centry brass mounted, mahogany blunderbuss. Length: 30". Barrel length: 15-1/8". Bore: 1-1/4". Weight: 6 lbs. A ca. 1760s weapon converted to percussion. Turned "cannon" muzzle. Fancy brass furniture includes an engraved trigger guard with an acorn finial along with an engraved conforming brass butt plate and oval brass owner's plate. The top of the barrel is marked "London" with two deep foundry or inspection marks. The iron hammer plate is marked: "Goodall". Lacks a small section of iron at the top of the barrel, age cracks near the ramrod casing. There are two, nice, brass "make-do"reinforcing bands to either side of the ramrod finial. Highly attractive color and patina. See Rankin Small Arms of the Sea Services, pp. 133. Sold

A11. Brass and cast iron flare gun marked on the grips in raised letters "International Flare Signal Co Tippecanoe City Ohio." Stamped foundry or inspection marks below the chamber: PF7 766. Brass handle with checkered grips, "D" shape trigger with a cast iron barrel, showing scattered rust. 10-3/4" overall length, 8-1/2" max. height. Retains the lanyard. $175.00

A12. Bronze, 2-7/8" x 1/8", commemorative life saving medal decorated with the shield of Philadelphia on the front. The back is marked: "Testimonial to Captains Crighton, Low and Stouffer of the Ships Three Bells, Kilby and Antarctic From the Corporation of the City of Philadelphia For Their Gallantry In Rescuing The Passengers From the Wreck of The Steamer San Francisco January 1854." The San Francisco went down with the loss of 164 lives. A fine deep casting with excellent patina. Only two slight rim chips. $450.00

A13. Important 18th century, carved, wooden "frigate" snuff box with a Josiah Fox provenance and an Old Ironsides connection. 6-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 1-1/4" high. Beautifully detailed snuff box in the form of a 16 gun Admiralty model with a polychromed gallery and fine patina. The deck slides to open the hull. A well used model that has had some modification. At some point, someone attempted to convert the snuff box to a static model. The deck was drilled for two masts, brass brads tacked to the sides to support rigging and two holes drilled in the bottom for a stand. The bow has sustained damage and minor loss. The top of the gallery is broken or chewed(!). Josiah Fox immigrated from England to Philadelphia in 1793. Fox was a trained shipwright from a prominent Quaker family. Through those skills and family connections, he began work with Joshua Humphreys on the designs for a 44 gun frigate. This design evolved into the plans for frigates Constitution, United States and President. See Chapelle. The History of the American Sailing Navy for an extensive discussion of Fox and his contributions. This model descended in Fox's family and appropirate documentation accompanies the model. The Peabody-Essex Museum has a similar snuff box. Price upon request.

A14. Mahogany nameboard from the Lawley built steam yacht Actus. The 49" x 8" board has deeply routed, gilded lettering with a black outline. Actus was designed and built by F.D. Lawley in South Boston in 1910 under the original name of Halawa. She was 120' overall length, 112' length waterline, with a 15' beam Although 8'1" deep, she drew just 4'6". She was owned around 1911 by George W.C. Drexel of Philadelphia. Not listed by 1920. Fine conditon, probably with an old re-gilding. Sold

A15. Life ring and colored photo of the yacht Marosa III. A 20" diameter life ring with gold lettering outlined in black with blue highlighting. Expected wear. It is accompanied by a 3-1/2" x 5-3/4" colored photo of Marosa III. The photo has widespread scattered foxing. It is mounted in a fancy, standing cardboard display. Marosa III was designed by William Gardner and built by Electric Launch Co., (Elco) at Bayonne, N.J. In 1910. Her original name was Magnet and her home port was Boston. She was wooden, screw steamer 93'6" with a length waterline of 85". Her beam was 14'7" with a draft of 3'9". In 1916 she was lengthened 10' ending at an official 103'6". Marosa III's last home port was Providence, R.I. She is not listed after 1935. Sold

A16. Shona's Transom. Roughly 20" x 27" with supporting framework, this is the actual transom from the 1884 G.L. Watson designed yacht. Shona was the classic example of an extreme cutter 42' x (33'7" length waterline) x 5'7" beam, drawing 5'8". In 1886, Shona was one of the few boats to defeat Nat Herreshoff's pretty much invincible centerboard sloop, Shadow. Provenance: L. Francis Hereshoff, Muriel Vaughn, Russell Clark. The bow is at Mystic Seaport Museum. $3,500.00

A17. Early ship in the bottle of the transition steamship Paris or perhaps, City of Paris, ca. 1880s. This model has four masts and two funnels. It does not exactly conform to actual Paris varients of the era. Black hull and funnels, white masts with seven flags at every concievable location. It has a fancy whimsey bottle-type stopper. The bottle is 10" long to the end of the handcarved stopper, 3-1/4" high and 2" deep. Fine condition in a mold-blown bottle. Sold

A18. Relief carving on oil painting of a three quarter bow view of a full rigged ship with a light house on the right. Inscribed in pencil on the reverse "Clipper Ship Atlantic by James Keating 133 Market St. Reading Mass." 12-1/2" x 16-3/4" including the plain black frame and gold liner. As-found condition, minor chips to the sails, scattered white paint drops and dirt. This will clean well. Capt. Keating was, perhaps, the most prolific practioner of this art form. He was certainly the most competent. I've handled, about 25 of his carvings. Most seem to have been done from the 1920s to around WWII. The majority of his work seemed to be small yacht and Grand Banks Fishing Schooner commissions. His ship renderings are less common. Sold

A19. A built-up half model with carved sails of "A 60 ft. Schooner by J. N. Rincotti," inscribed on the reverse. The nicely executed model is 8-1/2" overall length, 8" high, 3/4" deep. Black hull over a green bottom with bright finished deck, mounted on a mahogany colored 11" x 14" board. Very minor hull flaws. Some cracking to the sails. Mr. Rincotti owned and operated the Mystic Ship Yard in Conn. $275.00

A20. Two Whaling-Arctic associated paperweights. Colored lithograph of a whaling scene in a 2-7/8" x 5" casing and a green tinted litho of a ship in the Arctic in a 2-3/4" x 5" casing. Both in good condition. Sold

A21. French and Indian War era modified English naval cutlass, 41" long with a 35" slightly blunted blade.The blade is marked with a worn King's broad arrow, which could indicate the sea services. The same side has a crown over "R", and the letters "LV". There are worn inspection/foundry marks on the reverse. Semi-basket hilt with wooden grips and a small ball finial. Ca. 1765, well-used. Sold

A22. Sailor's knotwork macramae bag, 33" long, 7-3/4" wide, beautifully worked, in fine condition. $75.00

A23-A26: Four polychromed whales by the same carver. Probably carved 50-70 years ago. Exceptional detail:
A23. Carved Sperm Whale, a foot long and 3-1/2" high at the tail. A small piece of the tail has been reglued. Sold
A24. Carved Humpback Whale, a foot long and 3-1/2" high. Fine. $95.00
A25. Carved Finback Whale, a foot long and 2-3/4" high. Fine. $95.00
A26. Carved Bowhead Whale, a foot long and 3-1/2" high. Fine. $125.00

A27. Steamboat License and Photo. An unusual combination of a fairly standard 1935 65' license in an 8-1/2" x 10-3/4" plain black frame. It has a companion framed 8-1/2" x 11" photo of what was apparently the fellow's motor launch. The boat closely resembles the vignette on the certificate. Both in good condition. $75.00

A28. Rare mid-19th century polychromed Cat's Head, 5-1/4" square, mounted on a conforming 6-3/4" x 5-3/4" backing. Deeply carved with several layers of old white paint visible. Minor flaws and paint loss. This carving is probably from a small yacht. Sold

A29. Lady's open face, yellow gold filled, American Waltham Watch Co., pendant watch with an engraved vignette stern view of a topsail sloop running before the wind. Engraved inside the case: Johanna From Mrs. B.F. Card 12/25 1890. 1-3/4" diameter, completely repousse, foliate decorated with the yachting scene within a ring. Fine original condition. $350.00

A30. Brass azimuth compass, marked Buff & Buff Mfg. Co. Boston 11022. Ca. 1920, 11-1/2" diameter, arrow-decorated north, lead counter weight, brass-gimbelled ring and slit, and vertical sights. This instrument was kept on a fixed mounting in the bridge. It is currently mounted on a wooden, period storage stand. Fine condition. $375.00

A31. Silver topped China trade cane, 34-3/4", unidentified tropical wood shaft, complete with brass ferrule. The top is silver, repousse decorated with Oriental figures, primarily female, in a garden scene with a pagoda.There is expectedwear to the domed top. Mid-19th century, nice patina and condition. Sold

A32. Chris Craft showroom sign, 18" x 24", bright-finished mahogany with painted lettering for a "Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout Length 16'1", Draught 16", Beam 5'7-1/2" Model 21 Two Forward Cockpits Motor 4 cyl. 55 H.P. Speed 32 M.P.H. Hull All Mahogany Salt Water Equipped Double-Planked Bottom Box Spring Cushions $895.00" The same on both sides, drilled for a base at the bottom, paint over or highlight to the price. Good original condition. Late 1930s. Sold

A33. Built up and decorated builder's half model of a mid-20th century yacht. Constructed in 9 pine sections with an applied deck house and coaming. The model is 28-1/2" long, 8" high to the top of the house and 5" deep. The hatch cover and cabin doors are missing. There are scattered paint flaws. An unusual form that "shows" quite well. Sold

A34. Three-draw, brass pocket telescope with sharp clear focus. This unmarked, 19th century telescope is 13-1/2" fully extended and 4-3/4" shut. 1" diameter. It retains its lens cover. The original leather wrapping is gone, revealing a pleasant green verdegris color to the barrell. $150.00

A35. Whimsey, entirely carved from a single piece of pine in a reddish mahogany wash. A top section of cable chain leads to the central, rectangular, open work cage that encloses two balls. It is followed by another cable segment ending in a hook. The overall length is 41" with a 2-1/2" depth. The cage has a somewhat unusual, brass tack decoration. Although not exclusive to the maritime trades, these carvings exhibit a fine sense of design and skill. Fine. $350.00

A36. Octant, ca. 1790 -1810. Ebony with a flat, brass reinforced index arm, 100 degree ivory scale and vernier; loose, double peep sight with pivoted cover, two sunshades ( one possibly missing). This is a nice, large, 17" instrument that closely resmbles Brewington #29. The keystone case is in crusty, old green paint with a red wash interior. $1,250.00

A37. Sterling silver 5-1/2" bosun's whistle. Well-used, dented bowl. Sold

Trade Cards

A38. Lyman, Tobey & Co., Ship Chandlers. 115 Commercial St., Portland, Me. Dealers in Duck, Manila, and Hemp Cordage, Wire Rope, Chains, Anchors 2-1/2" x 4-1/4". Minor foxing. $25.00

A39. Soapine, The Dirt Killer. 4-1/4" x 3". Minor toning, bright color, printed on the reverse in both English and German. $35.00

A40. Soapine. Soapine Did It. 3" x 5" Near fine. Arctic scene with right-facing whale, printed on the reverse. $40.00

A41. Soapine, The Dirt Killer, Soapine Did It. 3" x 5". Fine Arctic scene with left-facing whale. $40.00